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  1. StormTrooper

    Jetting Fitment??

    I'd go with the JD kit also..but to answer your question, the carbs are similar. I believe the MJ and PJ are the same, but the needles have different taper/diameter, etc. From what I've heard, the needle should be richer and the main gets leaner, with the pilot maybe richer. JD has most, if not all of your answers though!
  2. StormTrooper

    05 KTM''s

    The swingarm is "a stronger, one-piece, cast unit". You should be able to polish it if that's what you want, but why would you? Just for the look?
  3. StormTrooper

    "steering" head bearings

    Make sure everything is clean, including the races, then slap on some Bel-Ray Saltwater Proof Grease. Works great for this area!
  4. StormTrooper

    Progressive rear springs?

    I think it's funny that a few years back when KTMs came with the progressive springs, everyone had the shock revalved and put on a straight rate spring. Now they come with a straight rate spring and I'm hearing that folks get them revalved and put progressive rate springs on. I thought that WP has impoved the shock to the point where good progression is built into the shock so a straight rate spring is in order. What gives?
  5. StormTrooper

    Skid Plates

    How do these hold up in the rocks? Seems like they wouldn't be as good as aluminum or carbon fiber when the going gets tough.
  6. StormTrooper

    KTM450sx radiator guard question

    It depends on the crash. They're aluminum, so if you crash hard enough or in just the right place, they will bend or break. I considered the price of guards against the price of a radiator (or repair) and went with the guards for insurance. I purchased the Flatland Racing ones and they offer great protection with good airflow. Devol also makes a good set.
  7. I went with heavier springs in the front and rear with no revalve. IMHO, suspension is pretty good these days, and if you have the appropriate springs, fiddle with the fork oil (height/weight), and tinker with the adjusters and sag, you can have good suspension for little $.
  8. StormTrooper

    How easy is it to change fork springs?

    It's fairly easy and basically the steps you mentioned. One tip though, loosen the top triple clamp bolts, then loosen the fork cap while the bottom clamp is still tight. Makes it much easier to remove them once the forks are off. I'd probably put some fresh oil in and measure the oil height to make sure they are consistent. Good luck!
  9. StormTrooper

    adjusting the valves

    Try the link below from Jeb's signature. He has a great write up on several "how tos", including valve adjustment.. Jeb's Page
  10. StormTrooper

    05 525 EXC Ride Report

    I agree with Travis. For your weight, aren't you going to have to go up a step in both front and rear springs anyway? Is the spring you're waiting on the standard stock one or are they going to upgrade to the one right for your weight? Must be tough to look at such a nice bike and not be able to ride. Kinda like waiting for Christmas as a kid!
  11. StormTrooper

    The definitive battery info

    Thanks for the info Steve. Just installed the YTZ7S (fit perfectly), and for the extra money and minimal weight gain, it has been well worth it. Bike fires up faster (more CCAs)with no hesitation like the stock one was doing.
  12. StormTrooper

    Counter Shaft leaking

    Checked her througout the ride and after, and she's full of oil. Since the leak stopped, my auto chain luber isn't functioning, so I have to lube the chain manually! I am running an "after market" CS sprocket, so I wonder if that is the cause. Anyone else running an "after market" CS sprocket with or without oil leak? I agree that it's not a 2t/4t issue, but a KTM issue that needs redesign/fixing at the factory.
  13. StormTrooper

    Counter Shaft leaking

    That's too funny, as the same thing just happened to me. I bought all the goodies to fix my leak too, but after riding last weekend no more leak. I checked the oil and it's full. I just wished my fork seals would do the same!
  14. I've been looking at replacing my '01 400 battery with a Yuasa one. Their website http://www.yuasabatteries.com/ lists the replacement as YTX4L-BS, with the optional one being YTX5L-BS. The YTZ7S seems to be a bit heavier and bigger, but way more CCA. Should I upgrade to the YTZ7S and will it fit perfectly in the stock space?