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  1. surfnride

    Kurt Caselli death: what happened?

    Scotty had this thread moved over here so he could moderate/edit hopefully delete it.....He's driving back from mexico now, it should be gone in a few hours. Thank you Scott
  2. surfnride

    Kurt Caselli death: what happened?

    This picture is of Ivan Ramirez- wearing a go pro- - at the top of what is known as "the goat trail" approx. 6 miles before he hands the bike off to Kurt - at the pit in the video posted earlier- Please stop posting things that aren't true. thank you
  3. surfnride

    Kurt Caselli death: what happened?

    Moderators- please delete this thread ASAP. too many lies, rumors, accusations. He wasn't wearing a go pro- the pit video shows that. There was no man made obstacle - I spoke with the first person on scene - he found kurts bike buried in some brush .. his words " no way a helicopter could have seen the bike" kurt was on the ground, helmet off, unresponsive and really grey. This man had no medical training, so he decided to go for help - before he went for help he put kurts bike in neutral (it was in 4th or 5th) and pushed it back to the course so other searchers would see it. It was getting dark soon, he made a situational decision. He said the only damage to the bike were broken handguards. Yes the 1x passed by the crash site, but colton wasn't looking for him, and had no idea that kurt had crashed, and the bike and kurt were not on the course. - To clarify --1x passed by before the spectator showed up and moved the bike back to the course This is such a sad time for all of u s in the Baja racing community, I hope this thread goes away, Kurt deserves better. Ron Wilson -- Score motorcycle rep --
  4. surfnride

    baja 2013 info?

    When did he tell you this?
  5. surfnride

    baja 2013 info?

    The bikes will start at 11:00pm Thursday November 14th. Any rumors about any other start time are false.
  6. surfnride

    baja 2013 info?

    Everything is here.... http://www.dirtlive.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?4-SCORE-International What else would you like to know?
  7. surfnride

    baja 1000 bike start at 11pm day before trucks

    Monster energy drinks were offered, but very few were consumed. I will pass along the JIM's rhino class suggestion to upper management.
  8. surfnride

    baja 1000 bike start at 11pm day before trucks

    All of the information concerning the Baja 1000 will be discussed in the SCORE chat forum. Please check it out, register and participate in the discussions. http://www.dirtlive.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?4-SCORE-International Night Start- totally Roger's idea - he was moving forward with it before "the meeting" What meeting you ask? about 3 weeks ago 6 of us got together and had a 3 1/2 hour brainstorming session with Roger Norman, tech director Jake Velasco, and Andrew the media guy was also listening in. who is we? me- Ron Wilson, Tim Morton, Seve Bourgois, Bob Bell, Justin Morgan, Salvador Hernandez, and Johnny Campbell via text. This meeting was supposed to be a 1 hour " hey Roger, some things need to change for bikes" .. it turned into a 3 1/2 hour brainstorming session, about all the issues concerning motorcycles/Quads currently racing in SCORE. Highlights - how to make starting at night as safe as possible- solutions- Qualifying for all pro bikes - start by qualifying time, not class. This, along with a 2 minute start interval will keep the fast teams out front Racing, not stuck behind slower bikes dust. Yes, I agree this night start idea is strange, but the more we talked about it, the more it actually sounds pretty cool. I suggest we all keep an open mind, try something new.... It really adds several new dimensions to the race/ pit strategy/ qualifying strategy/ sleep schedule... Several people have had the same complaints- no helicopter support till dawn - solutions- more ground units in place for evac needs, pre sweep the course prior to start. Yes, pit crews will be up all night, but please keep in mind they -we - are ALWAYS up all night, we're just doing it on Thursday, not Friday. 922 mile loop- bikes should finish around 6:00pm Friday. I've seen the course map already - IT"S AWESOME! (no I'm not racing this year - I've volunteered to help SCORE for this race) "Pro Ironman" class will be implemented starting with this race. Also a test. Let's give the solo riders some prize money to race for -- hopefully we can attract some of the elite Rally/ enduro/ motocross racers to come race in Baja. Also discussed - motorcycle/ quad class re-structuring - next year the classes will make sense. Fog - will be much less of an issue this year, compared to past years Ron WIilson - SCORE bike rep
  9. surfnride

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    2x Gabe Williams -- finish line 30 seconds ago...well done my brother! looks like Korenwinder is 60-70 miles out still......I'm predicting a Mexihonkey win!
  10. surfnride

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    8x just finished
  11. surfnride

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    5x just finished -- also anna cody's team
  12. surfnride

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    Korenwinder (sp) and Gabe williams -- Trackers show them about 1 1/2 hours apart, which is about the same gap after adjusting for start positions.... This will be interesting -- Remember in 2008 Korn beat Gabe by 12 minutes.... Gabe has been upset about that ever since (not really) Hurry up Gabe, don't let the older gentleman, fresh out of heart surgery, beat you again!
  13. surfnride

    Bike Updates from Weatherman, B of LA and LA PAZ via BAJA PITs

    2x - Gabe's tracker has him about 30-40 miles from the finish Congrats Kendall - Quinn -- Love the 2 man team. 404x- fyi wow - I think Kaplan and Johnson are both 50ish...studs Thanks Scotty, Justin, Bradford, and everyone else that updated!
  14. surfnride

    "Baja" TT forum - cast your vote (positive, negative...)

    Thanks for all the advice John. I will not be sending you any pm's I will not be starting any new topics, This thread was simply you wanting some attention, as usual.
  15. surfnride

    Baja Security Issues, Crime, Violence And Warning Bulletins

    No, please don't delete it, just don't let mr. 12,000 posts post in it.