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  1. JohanChaves

    Post your favorite XR action photo ..........

    Oh man I look at this pic and I feel like a old guy, so stiff
  2. JohanChaves

    Spark plug condition-input

    Hi guys, I have been currently adapting an FCR32mm carb off a CRF150R to my oldie XR250 I think I had found the proper pilot jet- size 40 but still may have to work on the needle height and main jet size but I think I am almost there. The question is, what do you think of this plug condition/look, I started the bike and let it idle for a minute or so.
  3. JohanChaves

    Alternative carb for 1996 XR250l

    I just mounted a CRF150R FCR 32mm carb on my XR250L and it is great. Carb came with cables and throttle and even e JD kit $200 shipped, had to make a manifold intake extension ($16), cut frame and reinforce $40. Still working on the fine tuning but I am pretty much there.
  4. Hi, I am sorry for the slow process, i've been busy with things at work. So today I went with the oem needle, previously it had the JD blue colored one and used a 140 main jet, I noticed less gasoline smell now and very little smoke when I give the throttle a quick snap, starting when engine is warm is easier now but still have to use the hotstart. So current jetting is: Pilot jet 40 1.3/4 turns out. Main 140 Stock needle 3rd groove/clip position (center). I will check the plug and get back to you guys with questions and pictures.
  5. also the previous owner of this carb a jetted it with a JD Jetting kit he even gave me with the carb, I havent seen the needle the carb has in it but I assume is the one marked with blue provided by JD and stated for low altitude/cool temperature, I have here in the kit one that looks like it hasnt been used masked with red and JD instructions state high altitude/high temperature, the other one looks like the stock and has this letters: NMQS
  6. Hi I am back with an update and questions. So previously I had a 42 pilot and the pilot screw set at 0.5 turns out, at this point it was hard to start the bike once it was fully warmed (15+ kicks) even with hot start So I went down to a 40 pilot 1-3/4 turns out and the bike starts easier both cold or fully warmed, still may need the hotstart when warm. So I guess I have the pilot circuit sorted? still, the exhaust smells a little like gas when idleling, would this mean the pilot still too rich? Also, what is next? Johan
  7. JohanChaves

    Will Xr250L rear wheel fit an Xr250r?

    its kind of hard to say, I would like the XR R wider sprocket selection but in the other hand would not like to loose the cush drive protection, you know?
  8. JohanChaves

    Fitting CRF150R FCR carb into 1995 XR250.

    updated topic check it out and please leave you input. LINK
  9. JohanChaves

    Will Xr250L rear wheel fit an Xr250r?

    oh man I would like to change my XR250L rear wheel for a XR 250R wheel but I guess we are to far apart for a trade If you are not in such a hurry and give me a few days, I will have to remove the rear wheel to put in a new tire, I can take measurements for you. send me a reminder in a couple of days man.
  10. ok after a few days of cutting, mounting, taking off and cutting yet a little more, I have finally mounted the carb on the XR250 I still have lots of tuning to do but first impression is WOW!!! some details... DIMENSIONS: PD FCR Overall length: 92mm 82mm intake inside diameter: 33mm 32mm (oval) Intake outside diam: 40mm 39mm Back inside diam 43mm 34mm Back outside diam 48mm 47mm Here the portion of the frame had to be cut for the carb to fit, at this point there is more to be cut, it has to be reinforced some how and of course painted Now since the FCR is 10mm shorther than PD I had this adapter made so it fits the space between intake manifold and air box boot. The thing is that the piece fits it pretty tight but when the bike is running it seems like there is an air leak between the white part and the carb, is there any thing you guys suggest for a gasket? here some more pics of how it looks Now to fine tuning questions. The carb has the o-ring mod already, should I remove it or should I leave it? what do you think? I am running 42 slow jet and 140 main, I had to set the pilot screw 0.5 turns out and seems ok, I will trough a 40 pilot/slow jet to see the difference. Ah BTW engine has 75mm piston, head lightly ported, UNI, Leo vince can, stock header and I ride at sea level. Thank you for looking and for taking the time to leave your wise suggestions and opinions.
  11. cleaning is in my to do list!!
  12. JohanChaves

    Fitting CRF150R FCR carb into 1995 XR250.

    Thanks, I will do more re-search, so far I haven found anything except a CRF230 with a 150r carb (I have got lots of ideas from his threat; Ness le french I think is his user) and also someone else with a XR600. Will keep looking, if you hapen to have the link it would be much appreciated.
  13. Hi, I thought to clock it as you suggest but if I do not cut that area the carb wont align with the intake manifold, so seems that the only option is modify the frame, of course will talk to the welder about his opinion and maybe find the way to reinforce the frame in that area. oh BTW I will post all measurements later today
  14. Hi guys, after 2 attempts to sell my trusty Xr250 which I have had for 7 years now and never let me down I have finally decided to buy a CRF150R FCR-mx carb and will try to fit it in, so far the impressions have been very positive, please follow this link and see what I am up to, any advise and suggestion you have for me would be VERY appreciated. Thanks for looking. Johan Chaves
  15. Thank you for the advise man!! I was just about to do that I just tried to fit the carb in and had a really good first impression (i thought there was too much to cut-weld-remove etc) Basically I do have to modify the frame by cutting a small portion on the inside of the right frame tube. Here is how it looks mounted, the FCR is 10mm shorter than the XR PD carb, it fits perfect in the intake manifold (maybe just misses 1mm of diameter) The back of the carb also fits pretty good on the air box boot, how ever is 10mm shorter than XRs carb so my plan is to fit it to the air box boot and make an extension between the carb and intake manifold. Will let you know how it goes. Here some pics: Sizes: