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  1. MWDRZ

    SM caliper bracket

    You can purchase the bracket that is part of the caliper assembly separately. That is exactly what I did. Purchased from the TT store. The microfische is not real clear, but you can purchase it as a separate part. My hope in my post yesterday was to clarify this point for others who may use the search function for a similar or same front end swap as I did. From the very first post, there has been a misunderstanding about what I was trying to ask. I understand the confusion, as the question is very similar to relocation bracket questions. When you get 3 differing answers to a question, it is hard to decipher which, if any, is the correct answer.
  2. MWDRZ

    SM caliper bracket

    You will still need the stock SM bracket to mount the caliper to the SM forks. The stock bracket is part of the stock caliper and is a different size than the S model bracket. So you will need the SM bracket even if you use a relocating bracket for a 320mm rotor. The lack of correct info in this thread has been eye opening.
  3. MWDRZ

    SM caliper bracket

    Just wanted to confirm for anyone who may search in the future: The caliper bracket is indeed different between the S and the SM model. My S to SM front end swap completed:
  4. MWDRZ

    Best 80/20 tire setup for a DRZ

    I am running the Millville up front too. It is similarly aggressive with awesome side grip too. I can get crazy lean angles in loam and even grass with these tires. Steep descents which used to be half out of control have become controlled and confidence inspiring. They work fine in dry conditions, but shine when things get slippery. I even rode a very worn set on an asphalt blast last year on a secret stretch of TN twisties. I chunked about half the knobs off, but had fun sliding into and out of the best twisty tarmac turns I ever rode.
  5. MWDRZ

    Best 80/20 tire setup for a DRZ

    If you are going 80/20, I say get the tire that is best for the dirt. In sanctioned dual sport events, they even encourage non DOT tires. Best tire I have ever ridden is a Kenda Millville. I particularly like the side grip on the rear. They make me feel like a hero in spots (rocks and mud) my buds on MT 21's and 606's struggle. For dry conditions, the MT 21 always worked well for me. Just not so good in the sloppy stuff.
  6. Since the search function is disabled, I can't um...search...for the answer. What does my 520 need to be able to plug in dual sport head and tail lights? TIA
  7. MWDRZ

    SM caliper bracket

    Thank you.
  8. MWDRZ

    SM caliper bracket

    Been there done that with the S forks. I am now putting a full SM front end on the bike. I want to know if the bracket that the front brake caliper slides on which mounts to the forks is different between the S and the SM model.
  9. MWDRZ

    SM caliper bracket

    I do have SM forks. And the 310 mm disc. The caliper slides on a bracket which mounts to the forks. That is the part I am wondering about.
  10. MWDRZ

    SM caliper bracket

    Is the SM caliper bracket different from the S model bracket? I am converting my S to an SM front end and my S bracket seems to be about 5 mm too close causing contact between the caliper and 310 mm rotor. If the bracket is different, does anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks.
  11. MWDRZ

    D/S on a S/M

    Wet and snotty ORV stretch: Forest Service Road: Dual Sport tire:
  12. MWDRZ

    Doug Henry Updates??

    From last season:
  13. MWDRZ

    2010 DRZ400SM Photo?

    Because KTM's have aluminum frames? edit: I will take the six speed though.
  14. MWDRZ

    EBC Race Sintered Pads SM(street + track)

    HH is the designation for sintered pads. The OEM pads are fine, but the EBC's are probably less expensive and every bit as good if not a little bit better.
  15. MWDRZ

    East Coast Wheel issues

    +1 for anyone considering using the TT Store. I have always had excellent service with the TT Store.