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  1. FlyingFinnlander

    Free Pitster Pro Info Wanted!!

    a lot of your customers want info too.
  2. FlyingFinnlander

    2008 pitster pro

    Had already found and read your guide. If I had believed your guide I would not still be in search of the weight and level. A fork has to have enough oil to cover the valving through the entire stroke and not enough to lock up. I am sorry but 100cc's does not even come close. Found this out the hard way. I believe you have customer service and sales calls mixed up. What exactly is this information of such importance you receive from this "higher power" during his visits to this board?
  3. FlyingFinnlander

    2008 pitster pro

    Na Na nan Na! Am not! How old are you? Yet the secrets live on. An established dealer such as a Honda dealer? Yes they are generally happy to help with such things as plug gap or fork oil weight and volume. Hell, it's not generally required because they provide a "manuel" with their motorcycles that lists such basic specifications. So what is it? .003? .007? .005? What is the gap? How about the fork oil? 90 CC's? 225 CC's 150 CC's? Maybe 100mm? Is this sacred information? Shouldn't it be available to the people that own and maintain the Pitster's? If it were me and a guy asked a question and I took the time to reply and I knew the answer I would give it to him, not tell him we provide a "manuel".
  4. FlyingFinnlander

    2008 pitster pro

    Come on Pitster! Tell the guy what the correct spark plug gap is! Or don't you know? What’s the big secret on Pitster Pro Specifications? If there is no big secret tell me what the correct oil level or volume and weight goes into the 2006 X2 forks. By the way, please use a spell checker.
  5. FlyingFinnlander


    I am not new to motocross but am new to pit bikes. Bikes from Japan always come with a manual or you can call a local dealer and find the technical info you need. I bought a used Pitster Pro, the previous owner claimed that it did not come with a manual. I figured I could get the info from Pitster or the net. Emailed Pitster, nothing! Looked all over the net, nothing! How hard is it to state how much oil, what weight goes into the motor or forks? Whats the chain slack spec(have you tried to get the swingarm parallel to the countershaft with these bikes)? Valve clearance? How much air do these little tires need to prevent rim damage? What weight oil, nitro PSI, piston depth in the rear shock? What parts might interchange? Sheesh what a way to grow a business. No wonder why people bash the China bikes(no support). I actually think this bike is pretty darn good for the money. Come on Pitster put some info out there! Finally, Thumpertalk please less graphics and more info, many of us are still on dial up!
  6. FlyingFinnlander

    Oil Fiters

    Booga Booga Booga If you dont change your oil filter you gonna blow your motor! Come on now! use common sense. Cut your filter apart and inspect it. You will find very little debris in it after one summer of riding.
  7. FlyingFinnlander

    4spd versus 5spd. tranny?

    Like my old teacher used to say. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! If you can get away with 4 all the better. If your man enough to run a YZ450 tapped out in 4th. You da man!
  8. FlyingFinnlander

    Oil Fiters

    Look at the size of that filter! How much crap can you catch in that much surface area over the period of a summer? Change it once a summer. In reality once every other summer is probably practical.
  9. FlyingFinnlander

    Post sand ride maintenance???

    Grab a cold beer and your favorite issue of playboy and lay on the couch. Your bike wont mind.
  10. FlyingFinnlander

    CR500AF vs. CRF450R

    I have had both bike. Am on the AF right now. Feels like a 250 light and nimble. Easy maintenance, very little maintenance. The old rule applies, the more horses you have the less you have to rush them. I came out about 2 seconds faster on a 40 second lap time with the AF. The key to these beasts is to run a higher gear and let her lug, hard to do because the motor doesnt sound like its even above idle. All my arm pump went away when I added the Magura Hydraulic clutch, worth every penny. Now if someone will build an exhaust pipe that the CR500 wont eat up I really be happy.
  11. FlyingFinnlander

    how much does it cost to get my suspension set ...

    Stay away from Pro Pilot. A whole lot of expensive guess work going on over there. I bought a very expensive cutom shock/valving/spring combo from them. The valving was crappy and the spring was built for a rhino. They refuse to fix it unless I pay them more and more and more money. They hook ya then they skin ya! They wont even send a setup sheet(clickers/oil/piston depth/nitro PSI) as thats top secret info! Call Pro-action or some other reputable shop that will help you.
  12. FlyingFinnlander

    crf reliability

    I had a 98 YZ400F, far as reliability it was great, motor oil lasted a relativly long but it was just a heavy pig. Moved to an 02 YZ250, rode, rode and rode some more, no complaints. Traded the YZ250 for an 02 CRF450. Great bike once I got it to turn(22mm clamps and Storm link). Then the fun began, intake valves went south, water pump seals kept going bad, rear hub cracked(yes the sprocket was tight), spoke nipples, JUNK! (previous owner), rear brake hose blew, rear brake master cylinder went, sub frame kept bending and cracking, never could get the front brake to feel firm, kicker seal leaked, clutch actuator seal leaked, overheated when sitting at the line and I think that was it. After fighting with the air filter too many times, throwing the extra weight around, blowing my neighbors ear drums out and changing oil bout as often as I filled the gas tank I decided it was time to throw the thumper towel in. I couldnt let go of the torque these babies put out so the only alternative was to build a CR500AF. Sold the CRF for 3800 and built my AF for 1600, now I am in heaven! Before you all go a hollaring about me not maintaining my bikes, dont, ask my girlfriend she can attest to that, ha ha. i believe the chassis problems I encountered were due to the fact that Honda had to make the parts so light they are now disposable. As far as my other concerns they are just inherent in the four strokes. Anyway I am sure Honda has many of the CRF450 issues ironed out by now. I am not here to bash, just state my opinion, I still check these boards out on ocassion, a lot of good information that has saved me a lot of time and given many good ideas, I still have a dual sport thumper for the trail/road.
  13. FlyingFinnlander

    Replaced Intake Valves, Won't Start?

    This is my first post on TT. Thanks to everyone that has been so helpful with their advice. Wish I didnt have to come here for info so often though. I traded my faithful 02 YZ 250 for an 02 CRF450 and have nothing but trouble to date with it. Master cylinder crapped the bed, almost broke my thumb, sub frame bent when I looked at it wrong, steered like a tractor, kicker seal went south, clutch lifter seal went north, water pump seal blew out and finally the good ol intake valves wore down to nothing. I replaced them with the Kibblewhite kit. My question is: My intake valve clearance is a bit on the loose side with these new valves, say about 5 thous. I have order new ones but as you know it takes some time, I would imagine the motor would at least start with loose valves, any ideas? I have checked everything else but it wont fire. Has gas, compression and spark. Another note, the cam timing marks didnt line up with the cam cartridge mark, I scribed my own line. Then I called Honda and they told me to line them up, still nothing, went back to my marks. Anyone know if adjusting the cam one mark will bend the valves? Any insight would be appreciated. Need to get this taken care of before I make a bon fire out of the bike and roast hot dogs on it.Thanks.