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  1. Skeld

    Does Ryan Dungey use a Rekluse or something like it?

    Are you brain dead? Has Stewart ever finished ahead of Dungey in points? He has had some sort of catastrophic issue every year since Dungey moved up in 2010.
  2. Skeld

    MXDN track was too simple

    I agree. We don't have any cushion of "skill" at this point. We shouldn't be sending a 250 guy...they seem to blow it most every time.
  3. Skeld


    I'm a Dungey fan, but someone needs to revoke his passport...
  4. Is there a rule against us sending 3 450 riders? We should just send 1,2,3 in the 450 MX standings and forget the lites riders...
  5. Skeld

    Mike Williamson?

    I'm calling BS. You wouldn't be alive to write this post if you really tried that tactic...
  6. Skeld

    Bagget's girlfriend......

    Not bad for a bald guy.
  7. Skeld

    Is it Going to Be the KTM or the KTM?

    The wildly varying track conditions for qualifying really screwed things up. Dungey ends up 12th with some 450B riders in between his gate pick and Roczen's. Just crappy. Dungey rode most of the second moto without goggles...if you didn't get the start you were riding blind after a few laps.
  8. Skeld

    Looks Like JS7 Is In For IN

    I think maybe you guys got a bad batch of PED's.
  9. Skeld

    no K-roc threads..

  10. Skeld

    no K-roc threads..

    I think it's pretty cool how he could have just about any and as many chicks as he wants and he's marrying a girl from his home town; the guy is a class act.
  11. Skeld


    How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? They don't know, they've never done it before.
  12. Skeld

    Washougal Bench Racing

    I noticed. I'll be looking for that little South African bastard at Unadilla...
  13. Skeld

    Tomac next GOAT

    A tactical error on my part.
  14. Skeld

    Tomac next GOAT

    Whoops, edited.
  15. Skeld

    Tomac next GOAT

    I know. I just thought it would be fun to get a rise out of someone.