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  1. Hi Ron,

    Do you think it is possible to run the 2019 Crf450L (or Crf450x) 12:1  compression 3 ring piston in the 2019 CRF450R stock 13.5:1  2 ring piston engine?  stock Honda parts? making an enduro bike.

    sketch of the 2 pistons here:

    thank you!


  2. Ron Hamp

    2018 crf 450 race engine by RHC

    actually its the exhaust causing the hole @ the bottom the header is made by V&H for aft racing .the intake port has a very minimal change in cross section i have altered the intake length and tryed longer and shorter in 1" increments .this bike is used for flat track .some of the bikes i have yested here have a much bigger hole @ the bottom they have to run 2-3 more teeth on the back than this engine and still shift on the miles this engine is still strong enough down low that it can be geared for 4th gear no shifting and still spin the wheel .The cam lobe i desighned is about 8* shorter and .020" more lift but with much more lobe area than we used on the older engines .I have a mx cam thats 10* shorter than the stock oem cam i was able to acheive greater lobe area than stock with out increasing lift more than .010" it can still be used with stock springs ,i have a slightly inverted flank to acheive this It makes the stock cam look like theres a hole from 3000 rpm to 8000 rpm its huge down low makes more peak and over rev the power is so flat that its eazy to ride .
  3. Havent ben around hear in a while just thought i would show off some of my work i had started desighning my own cam lobes the last couple of years using some new software for lobe desighn and perf trends to analyze and make igs files to produce the lobes .the uper curve is a 2018 crf 450 using my components this is a 450 displacement . that 74 hp was one of the better runs the majority of them are in the 72-73 hp range still very good for a 450 .i also have a torque cam that produces way more bottom end with better over rev than stock its pretty amazing .the first graph is on a lower reading dyno jet the secound my dyno wich reads closer to the magazines test .
  4. Ron Hamp

    New 2017 -18 crf450 cam shaft

    Im sorry dont get on here so much any more i have a few of theses cams out there the first 1 i put in was very quiet more so than the stock bike so my statement about being very quiet may not be absolutley true it does seem to have a bit more valve train noise nothing bad just different Tod Dehoop has 1 in his bike and just noticed its a bit louder but he will take the little bit of noise vs the power it gains mx action magazine will also be testing soon Tod said the bike is much eazyer to ride less shiffting but he needs to figure out the hole shot again secound gear wants to keep wheeling the last race he was in and out of the throttle twice but still managed the hole shot he thinks 3rd gear may be the anser. i only make them on a custom basis and im not sure if web has more billets in yet .for more information you can freind me on face book email ronhamp@casair.net or 989-463-1267 .theses are no longer a cam that i pick a lobe from Webs hundreds of cam shafts theses are cams that i have computer generated a lobe from software i have and then analyse through more software .with the new engines it beacame nessary .Webcam shafts has even purchased a new cam grinding machine so we can continue to push the envelope of cam lobe design with inverted flanks likethe factory cams .
  5. I have been working on designing my own lobes for cam shafts the last year and a half. I have finally, what i think, will be the best mx grind and enduro cam available. The new cam installs on stock springs and requires minimal shimming if any. The design is 10* shorter @ .050" than stock but with a complex flank design and minor lift changes, .406" vs >395" stock, the cam has more duration @ higher lifts = more lobe area than stock .The cam is very quiet in operation and produces considerably more power down low, with out loosing top end or over rev .The cam makes 2 hp more over the top and carries further than stock with a remap. Leaving the bike in the OEM Honda #2 map yields a very smooth linear power curve and will still pull strong out of any corner in 3rd gear, where second was required previously. Throttle response is immediate and would be very good for SX too. We have done all track testing so far with completely stock bike with the exception of the cam shaft. The rider testing says the bike @ this point is better than the 2013 CRF450 pro engine that I built for him a while back. The rider also said the bike handles better because of the power delivery.
  6. Ron Hamp

    Disappointing dyno

    The 2017 and 2018 crfs are impressive stock i have been working on them from the day they came out developing parts i finally have cams with my lobe desighns being ran Kyle jouhnson is testing one this week end @ springfeild tt .I have to agree with some of the other coments about dynos my dyno reads 2 hp more than Ray's dyno in lapeer where many of the pro dirt trackers go for tuning also i have seen the diference of 4 hp just from using a soft number 5 vs a hard number 8 dirt track tire the harder tire showing more consistent and higher numbers.
  7. Ron Hamp

    2018 CRF250R announcement

    ! of my customers had purchased a honda moto 3 bike i think @ the time it was 1 of only 2 imported in to the us i had the cylider head here the new 2018 mx head is actually better in specification . the customer had tryed several options to get the bike past 49 hp and that was about it @ the time 1 of my carbed crf 250 engines made 44 on the same dyno. the moto 3 engines have the advantage of a sump and a solid crank shaft that reduces bending and friction = more hp .realisticly if i seen 49 hp from a 250 on my dyno i would be excited as 47 is the best i have seen so far in any thing that would be usable for mx .The new honda has larger intake valves than the KTM and a straighter port which will benifit high rpm only the honda engines i have produced make there peak between 12000 and 12500 flat lining to past 14000 rpm.most every one that rode 1 of my 250s said they felt more like a 450 and with the limiter seat @ 14000 rpm they said that the bike did not seem to rev as high as other bikes with the same rev limiter and it would need to be set @ 14500 to get that feeling . im hoping with the new engine we can mimic my old power and keep it going up to he new limiter .
  8. Ron Hamp

    2018 CRF250R announcement

    The direct acting folowers alow cams with much more velocity and there is less mass to control .the new lift on the cams puts them in the real race cam category the valve sizes are even larger than the ktm and the ports are much straighter than the ktm the bore stroke ratio are comparable to the moto 3 engines the new piston desighn with suport struts boxing and so on is state of te art. It will be dificult for the aftermarket to produce a better piston maybe this is why wiseco has started pushing the billet pistons as the forging dies to produce struted pistons are prone to breaking.
  9. Ron Hamp

    CRF250 road race mods

    Well i can help on the build i had done the top end on one that the late Tryce welch built i think it was for Lewis i know it beat the aprilia 125 2 stroke in florida
  10. Ron Hamp

    CRF250 road race mods

    Wish you could use the EFI engine i have one hear that is built up to the botom new crank super finshed trans with 3rd 4th gears under cut falicon rod have nt bought a piston yet but have a fully ported 2016 head with bronze alloy intake seats 25 mm buckets my rhc .5 mm orver intake valves .
  11. Ron Hamp


    you can get a remap but as i recall the 2015 was pretty good even with the pipe change there wasnt much to gain if any
  12. Question!..i have a 95 kx125 with a 144cc big bore kit. Would a kx250 expansion pipe work on the bike

  13. i have a 08 kx250f and want to swap to a 09 kx250f frame will it work?

  14. Hey Ron..will a 06 crf 450r counter shaft work in a 05? Even though the part # is different.

  15. hey ron, just bought a 83 honda xr350r and im having trouble with the clutch, if i run the bike at a steady pace without changing gears for a while my clutch wont disengage when i try to downshift what do you figure is causing this and what is the best fix?