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  1. Looking for a real photo, installed on the bike. Thanks!!
  2. Do you have one? Do you like it? Which model do you have? What were your intentions (bulk or tone for example) and does it work? Thanks alot for any help. I am thinking of getting one and could not imagine a better place to ask. Thanks again.
  3. NDMF

    SV650 or DR650?

    Two completely different bikes. SV is an awesome street machine / hooligan road bike. Great two lane blacktop, OK on the highway (compared to other highway - purpose bikes) and fun everywhere. Definitely a bike you can live with forever except on any type of dirt. DR650 is a back roads, easy wide trails, fire trails, type of bike. OK and fun on two lane blacktop, just about out of its element on the highway. They can do it, but it is NO fun IMHO. Too buzzy, too high, for the highway. Super kickass bike for what it was meant for though.
  4. NDMF

    Asterisks not so comfy?

    I love mine. There was an adjustment period for sure - never worn knee braces prior. But now that I am used to them, they are adjusted right, I love 'em. Can't tell they're even on. In fact they're so comfy I plan to wear them for grocery shopping too
  5. NDMF

    My DRZ is punishing me for neglect!

    What did you do to my baby?!?!?!?! You must not have read the waiver you signed when you bought it: "Buyer agrees to maintain this motorcycle at a level equal to or higher than the original owner. This includes a daily ride, bath, and detailing, at a minumum. Initial here:__JA___" See if you would've agreed to the terms and conditions the bike would be fine now. I think you also misread paragraph 2: "If it can be proven that this motorcycle has seen even a flicker of misuse, neglect, or abuse, the motorcycle shall immediately be returned to the original buyer at your cost. Initial here:__JA___" So when should I expect you and my poor motorcycle?
  6. Lookin for some real world experience if anybody has a dl650 or dl1000. I want a bike like this, looked at the BMW version (holy cash!!!). If anyone has one please post what you think of it. Thanks!!!
  7. NDMF

    Battery Question

    Yeah I am a work. Just had a nice GT4, loud and proud. You at work?
  8. NDMF

    Battery Question

    No thanks, already have one and it is not a P.O.S.
  9. NDMF

    Battery Question

    Jeff gave me one for $75 and it is the OEM Yuasa. Let me know if you want one GT master.
  10. If anyone has a WR250 headlight asm they want to sell, let me know. I am converting my YZ250 so I am looking for one. Please send me a PM if you have one you wish to unload. Thanks!!
  11. NDMF

    which one, 03 or 04 DRZ 400 S

    I'm asking only $4K for mine, its a 2003 loaded with fun little goodies. Am I asking the right price?
  12. Link PHOTOS IN LINK!!!
  13. NDMF

    Junk to take off new 04 DRZ 400 S

    Aside from what's been mentioned so far, you can change to aluminum on a few parts. Rear sprocket, bars, new mirror(s). Also a plastic tank (NOT DOT though) will save a few, Ti exhaust ($$$$$). I've taken about 20 pounds off mine with the above changes, and it is well received. I also took off the horn, fan, coolant recovery bottle, kickstand switch, clutch switch, chain guard, rear flap, seat strap, passenger pegs, helmet lock, and probably a few other things that I am forgetting. Good luck and welcome!!
  14. NDMF

    DR-Z 400s Engine Break-in

    That is a great article. I just got a new utility quad, warmed it up nice and good, rode around moderatly for about 15 minutes, then I hooked a huge piece of coiled up fence and some steel posts together, and dragged my driveway, my neighbors driveway, the road, and our two track. Talk about ring seating, the motor was hot and I was heavy into the throttle. Nice to know I did it right. Thanks for posting the article again so I can save the link !!