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  1. Did you install the JD Power Surge programer?
  2. KMAX

    Where are the 2013 reviews?

    remove the muffler off the back end, slightly flex the sub frame arm out and gently roll and twist the header out the front. i have done it many times. i run two 350's and have never removed a shock to swap exhaust systems. keep trying - it will work without scratching or damaging anything. good luck!
  3. KMAX

    Where are the 2013 reviews?

    Yes, remove the torx screw, slightly flex the support arm out away from the bike approx 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch and slide and twist your header pipe out the front. You can change a complete exhaust system in minutes with the bike on a stand or kick stand. You do not need to touch the shock at all.
  4. KMAX

    Where are the 2013 reviews?

    You dont have to remove the shock on any KTM 350 / 450 to remove the header or any other part of the exhaust. Just remove the lower screw on the bottom of the support arm for the sub frame assembly. Takes 30 seconds tops!
  5. KMAX

    2012 vs 2013 sxf 350

    You could be right. I have a two brand new one's, never been used (no mud LOL) sitting at home. Will have to weigh them I guess. Sure seems a lot lighter, might be a placebo :D From the FMF website the full Ti system weight is 5.5 lbs so I would say the stocker is easily 8-9 lbs plus or more.
  6. KMAX

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    She's a sweetheart that one. The 2011 SX is for sale in september though LOL!! ! The 2012 EX not for sale till september 2013 - darn Some more of the EXC, not shown is the JD power surge.
  7. KMAX

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    The 350 club... 2012 and 2011
  8. KMAX

    2012 vs 2013 sxf 350

    I dont know man, I'm running two full FMF Ti systems on my 350's and when I removed the stock exhausts and installed the complete systems it sure feels a hell of a lot lighter than 1 or 2 pounds. That being said I have never weighed the two systems individually on a digital scale or anything similar. Some day I will take the time... By far the 2nd best mod to any 350 I have done except for the JD power surge kit.
  9. KMAX

    350sx-f electric start removal

    I would cut out three ribs from my side before I ever removed the E button from my tree fiddy...
  10. Vent tube for the top left aft port on your valve rocker cover.
  11. The 13/50 gearing I run only gives 60 - 65 mph on the highway @ 9600 rpm. Anyone know what the rev limiter is set at on these things. I have been to 10,800 and not hit it yet! Still searching.
  12. Not sure if I`m sold yet on the new front fender design...kinda looks like a husky no!
  13. It is a bitch on the 350 EXC but if you JD EFI map jet you dont even have to pull it out. Just a little twist of the throttle and it starts without it. I have the IMS 3.2 gal tank. Cant run the fan with the tank though - that sucks!
  14. Awesome man. These things do rock. I installed the fan but still ran hot. No problems after Engine Ice Coolant. No boil overs and no reservoir tank. I love pulling up and having all the boys giggle at the signal lights...till they ride it LOL