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  1. Seems like the Pros and Cons are running neck-n-neck on this one!
  2. Well, forgot to get photos last night. I got the grips from this vendor at an FTR event: https://www.ridersmiami.com/ His number is at top of that website. I couldn't find the exact ones on his site, but he will remember exactly which ones I got if you ask him. Just tell him the ones that "Still Bill from FTR bought". I think they were like $13. I got the ones without end caps since I use bark-busters. If you don't, then you want the ones with end caps that cost more. I had trouble installing these with normal grip glue, but I have trouble with ordinary grips too. He installed for me. He said to use spray paint instead of glue. Also, on the throttle side, the grip was wider than my throttle tube. I would have cut the end off, but instead, he just "squished" (compressed) the grip length-wise to make it fit. I was rather skeptical about these when I saw them. He swears by them and said his whole team uses them. Doesn't look too durable, but he swears they are. They have gotten a lot of attention from people who see my bike! I LOVE them! I just called and told him to bring me several more sets to next race. I will put on all my bikes!
  3. Maybe when my time and my memory coincide.
  4. Treated myself to some Faast Flexx bars for Christmas. They were on sale for 20% off. I immediately noticed a big difference! Awesome! It has made me much more comfortable, and that has led to me being a bit faster! Also, a friend (dealer actually) recommended the cushiony foam grips. I was skeptical, but they are awesome too!
  5. Still Bill

    New Chinese Carb for $20?

    Needed a new carb for my old 1973 Yamaha CT-175. Broke the actual casting, so could not rebuild. Could not find a used on for reasonable price. Saw an obviously Chinese-made one on eBay for under $20, including shipping.... Well, it bolted right on and started on first kick! Seems to run as good as the original. Looks like main jet is not in drain plug like original, and noticed the threads for the slide cap are different. Seems to need choke a little more than the original, but runs great after warm-up!
  6. Still Bill

    Rekluse clutch issue

    Rekluse has great customer service. Call them. You'll need to know what model you have.
  7. Still Bill

    rusted/black cylinder bore HELP???

    Maybe just scrub it with Scotch Brite pad?
  8. Compression was really over 200 in that condition?
  9. I use Permatex gasket sealer on one side of most case gaskets. The reddish-brown stuff in a can with a brush. Not silicone. I use it mainly to hold gasket in place while installing. One side only!!! Can get messy. Patience. Do not use silicone type on paper gaskets. The silicone type is INSTEAD of a gasket. Apply THIN layer, assemble, but do not tighten fully for 24 hours. I don't use this in places where it is in direct contact with oil or gas. The sealer above is OK for that (with a gasket). I use silicone on electrical covers, water pump, etc.
  10. Still Bill

    Crooked KTM handlebars

    I have had that happen and it turned out that one (or more) of the bolts were bent.
  11. "Replace my I.V. hydration pack with a USWE Action Pack because I don't ride with Dancing Monkeys!" I am recovering from surgery, but doctor says I can ride again in 3 weeks!!!!!
  12. I liked the Suomy, but the XXL was too small for me.
  13. Still Bill


    Yes, unless it's so rusty that the PW will poke a hole in it. You can fill with soapy water and some sand/gravel mix, or a handful of small nuts, bolts and nails. Then, shake the heck out of it, or jack up your car and bungi-cord it to the tire and let it rotate for an hour. I have done that and then hit it with Ospho. Let it dry, then rinse and dry again.