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  1. yrun

    Trail Tech Vapor Install

  2. yrun

    Trail Tech Vapor Install

    What model vapor did you buy? In looking online most say not for crf250x. But i'm thinking maybe most of them fit. Thanks joe
  3. yrun


    I ordered one thanks.
  4. I have a new 16 crf250x. Would like gear it up a bit for two track, orv trails. How much can i drop the rear sprocket size without shortening the chain. Thanks men! Joe
  5. yrun


    Oh ok now i understand. They both ended up down below. The one I broke went up over the carb and then down to the cluster at the bottom. A redundancy type of design.
  6. yrun


    Oddly enough both of the hoses off the t go to the same place. Down below the bike.
  7. yrun


    I was working on installing new needle for JD jet kit today. While trying to get a bit more rotation on the carb i broke a little plastic tee on the top of carb (left side). I think its some sort of vent? Not sure if the brass part is threaded into carb or not? At any rate it will have to be replaced. Wonder where i'd get this little item? Any ideas? Thanks joe
  8. yrun


    No other loads so i dont think i'll add the relay at this point. Thanks Joe
  9. yrun


    Yep a saw the direct replacement via google search although i'll probably get one with the license plate bracket for down the road. Thanks Joe
  10. yrun


    Hello, Looking to add a brakelight to my new 2016 crf250x. Not interested in upgrading stator. Will the electrical system handle a DRC/ baja designs type of LED brake/taillight? Thanks Joe
  11. yrun

    Crf250x rear rack

    Went with what i knew bought the promotobillet
  12. yrun

    Crf250x rear rack

    Looking to buy a rear rack for bike; i've used pro moto billet products in the past. Also see crfonly sells one as well. Any opinions? I like the fact that crfonly rack kind of doubles as a grab handle. Thanks joe
  13. yrun

    Heavier flywheel

    Hello, Just bought a new leftover 250x. I think i may add a heavier flywheel to smooth out power some. Any recommendations? I see rocky mountain atv sells one. Thanks joe
  14. yrun

    CRF 250X replaced by the CRF 250RX

    New leftover 250x can be had for about 6500 OTD vs 8300 for leftover 17 excf250 . I know that wasn't the question! Maybe I'm nuts but still leaning the 250x.
  15. Just curious; the xcw has higher ratio 6th gear vs the xc correct?