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  1. By slipping the clutch more efficiently, every time, than a human can, clutch life is increased.
  2. wheelsoff

    Finally an Affordable Auto Clutch! - Rekluse Trail

    $629 - $399 = $230. Just sayin'.
  3. wheelsoff

    Finally an Affordable Auto Clutch! - Rekluse Trail

    Actually the opposite is true. Look closely at the Rekluse Core EXP.
  4. wheelsoff

    Finally an Affordable Auto Clutch! - Rekluse Trail

    Yes. When set up properly, the point at which you'd have to pull in the lever to avoid stalling with a manual clutch is the point at which an auto clutch releases.
  5. wheelsoff

    2 stroke dyna ring adjusting

    Actually the Dyna Ring seems to be a mimic of the Rekluse Core EXP, minus the billet parts.
  6. Even before I developed a vested interest in this little gizmo, I thought it --along with the Scott's damper-- was the greatest thing ever invented for the dirt bike in my now-approaching-40-years of dirt biking.
  7. wheelsoff

    Roof of Africa videos..

    Funny you shoud mention that ...
  8. wheelsoff

    Rekluse for 2010 te 250

    This is correct. Only the EXP is planned for the 2010 TC/TE 250 as of now, and is due soon.
  9. wheelsoff

    Rekluse auto clutch questions

    With the original z-Start (which sounds like the version you have) and the perch adjuster you can manually override the clutch up through mid-RPMs. Once you get into upper RPMs you will not be able to override the clutch manually. With the z-Start Pro you can manually override the clutch at any RPM.
  10. wheelsoff

    cali national h&h courses ??

    DO NOT, under any circumstances, go to Superstition. Lame. Spangler and Lucerne are somewhat similar. Spangler is smaller (~50,000 acres) than Lucerne (~160,000 acres). Given that, the course at Spangler will be a little more twisty. Both will have nastiness and hills the likes of which we don't have here in the Owyhee desert (at least not anything they've laid out in the SIDRA races I've ridden). You may encounter more whoops at Spangler because of the smaller area, though both places have their share. You'll definitely get a longer, wider, better (and probably smoother) bomb run experience at Lucerne, again because of the acreage. FWIW, all the footage from the desert racing segment in On Any Sunday was shot in Lucerne. It'll take you ~1-1/2 hours less time to get to Spangler, though since you'll have already driven 15 hours or so, that's kind of irrelevant. You can't go wrong with either place; IMO either will be the best desert riding/racing experience you've ever had. I've ridden and raced in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Idaho, and California ... the riding in the Mojave Desert in Southern California is hands down the best riding I've ever experienced. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. wheelsoff

    Used Rekluse Pro install, any tips?

    This is true for the YZ250F, but not the 2-stroke.
  12. wheelsoff

    Share Your Old School Pics

    Yep, '78 YZ125. That was the bike after I had my '76 YZ80.
  13. wheelsoff

    rekluse questions

    You had the right idea. This is in fact what the Rekluse does.
  14. wheelsoff

    250F or 250 two stroke for Idaho City?

    With the aforementioned GINORMOUS caveat of valve health on the X, I'd choose it. The forgiving chassis and smooth torque would be ideal especially with a 280 kit ... and you never know when e-start will be your best pal.