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  1. So_Cal_Erik

    RV access in Arrowhead area???

    for a rig setup like that you're better off staging at pilot rock, or pinnacles. Crab flats is too hard to get in and out with that big of a trailer, not to mention the 4+ miles of hilly winding dirt roads.
  2. So_Cal_Erik

    need info about staging at Crab Flats

    Zendog, That is hilarious! Reconranger, I will be driving a tricked out camo edition rhino. send me a pm. if you want to meet up there. E.
  3. So_Cal_Erik

    need info about staging at Crab Flats

    So, Sunday I am taking the wife and son up to crab flats campground/staging area to ride around in our new Rhino. I have been staging out of pilot rock/miller camp for the past 10 years or so because of the easy access. I have taken the wife out twice from there and I am looking to mix things up a bit. Also, the trail between deep creek and crab flats is too scary for the wife, so that has limited our previous rides . I have ridden the trails all the way up to Crab flats many times on my bike, but I am not familiar with the trails up above there, and need access to a FREE trail map. I want to stick to easy trails and fire roads if possible. Please help a fellow rider out as the wife having a stress free day in the rhino equates to me having more bike(me) time. thanks in advance, E.
  4. So_Cal_Erik

    Maybe a strange question

    I have been experiencing the same thing the past couple of weeks, ever since stepping my water intake up alot, maybe too much. My theory, (for what it's worth) is that in drinking so much water with meals and right after, the excessive and repeated water drinking dilutes the acid from breaking down the food as fast therefore causing the stomach to produce more acid to break down the food, causing the heartburn. I just started trying to not drink water until at least an hour after my meals and so far things seem to be getting better. I'll keep you posted as to how this eventually works out.
  5. So_Cal_Erik

    I have had great luck with my rmz450 have u?

    I have an 06 and it has been great! No problems here. Minimal maintenance, adjusted the cam chain once, runs like a champ.
  6. So_Cal_Erik

    Passing a Kidney Stone!

    So, I wake up this morning and now I feel fine, no pain. Yesterday, I felt like I was going to Die from the pain. How do I go about my life? I am dying to go riding or do something fun, but I am afraid of being slammed with the sudden labor pains of this stone. What do I do? I have also missed alot of work, (they are getting tired of dealing with this issue too). Do I take a chance and then get stuck out somewhere doubled over in pain ? I wish this would be done already! I am tempted to just go to the track and shake that stone loose. Am I nuts?
  7. So_Cal_Erik

    Passing a Kidney Stone!

    Thanks guys for the help! The doc gave me the tylenol 3"s with codine, as I don't do well with vicodin.I asked him for morphine, but knew he'd say no.I have been trying to do research on the web on kidney stones and they say to drink alot of water, and lemonade. what should I eat and shouldn't I eat during this time of "HELL". I feel like I'm waterlogged. Also, what dietary changes are in order for me now? I have really cleaned up my diet(in the past two weeks), but I now read that dark green veggies and peanuts are bad? I am a health food and exercise fanatic (ex-bodybuilder) so how do I get my diet balanced? any dieticians or diet books that you " kidney stoners" can recommend would be greatly appreciated.
  8. So_Cal_Erik

    Passing a Kidney Stone!

    I am struggling with passing a kidney stone, this has been an ongoing problem for the past two weeks. It started while I was driving home from work late and all of a sudden my back (left middle side) started hurting. I thought no way, I'm having kidney problems. After about 2 hours, the pain went away and I just chalked it up to being dehydrated and eating too much In-in Out Burger earlier that night. Well, the next night I woke up at 1:30 AM with kidney pain again, but this time it was more intense so I went to the Hospital. 5 hours later the doctor examined me and based on my urine sample, they said I have a kidney stone and to be ready for the most intense pain of my life:cry: . But drink LOTS of water, and she stone should pass. I saw my Dr. and he scheduled an IVP test which I did yesterday(finally over a week later). I get a call this morning and my dr. tells me I do have a small stone and refers me to a urologist (who will call me when he can fit me in maybe a week from now:mad: ) Well, just so happens that I haven't had any pain since my visit to the ER, and now today at 1:30 I feel like I'm going to be giving birth. My questions are, how do I get this stone to pass as quickly as possible? What can I eat that will give me adequate nutrition /protein without aggrivating my kidneys? Lastly, what other than lots of water and cranberry juice will help?
  9. So_Cal_Erik


    Maintainence and reliability are as good or better than any other make out there, and I've owned them all (except Kawi, which I've heard have their share of problemsin 06, not sure about 07's though).
  10. So_Cal_Erik

    PC or RG3 linkage?

    I ordered it through my local dealer, Malcolm Smith.
  11. So_Cal_Erik

    PC or RG3 linkage?

    My rmz 450 is an 06. The rg3 unit comes with the linkarms attached to its own 3-holed pivot piece that replaces the stock one. The PC unit bolts to the stock 3-holed linkage piece. All I know is it definitely works and is worth every penny. I am glad I didn't spend the extra money on the rg3 unit because the PC unit works great on my bike. It would be nice to have the ability to test the two brands back to back though. I doubt there is really any difference between the two other than the cost which is substantial.
  12. So_Cal_Erik

    PC or RG3 linkage?

    Just a little ride report/feedback after a full day at the track, (Competitive Edge), and a day riding the area around my house(Temescal Cyn,after the rain Sunday). I went ahead and bought the Pro Circuit link, as several of my riding friends (local vet experts and vet pro's) suggested going with the Pro Circuit link as they really liked the improvements over their stock linkage setups. I must say that I'm glad that I saved the extra $220.00 and went with the Pro Circuit over the RG3. I am sure the RG3 unit is a nice piece,but the Pro Circuit unit works unbelievably well. At the track, I was able to plow through the most gnarly chop and braking bumps without the backend kicking around. The back end felt very planted and firm but very plush. Definitely a must have item as I cannot believe that the stock linkage isn't set up that way already. I would say that my rear suspension is now the best I have ever had on any bike Ive owned or raced. Now if I can only get the forks to work as good as the shock. My suspension has been re-sprung and re-valved by Shock Therapy Suspension for 190lb expert mx.
  13. So_Cal_Erik

    PC or RG3 linkage?

    Hey all, I'm looking to get the shock linkage arms/set from one of these two manufacturers. The Pro Circuit set is 169.00 and just has the link arms connected at one end by a spacer. The RG3 unit is just over 400.00:eek: but it comes with the link arms and the pivot piece(with the three holes that connects to the shock and swingarm). is the rg3 unit better? or is the Pro Circuit piece pretty much the same thing? Big difference in price, but if the end result is the same, I would rather pay less and go Pro Circuit. If the RG3 unit is really better I guess I will have to fork out the dough. I just don't want to make a mistake here. Any real-world feedback would be greatly appreciated. E.
  14. So_Cal_Erik

    Rain Dance!!!

    I'm here in Riverside/Corona, and the dirt is Perfect! I can't find anyone to go ride with this morning here right out of my backyard. All my regular riding buddies are up at Silverwood, or they're busy doing family stuff today. Anyone local that wants to ride this morning, p.m. me Erik
  15. So_Cal_Erik

    what you hate most about riding

    Dealing with getting "permission" from the ol' lady, stupid green/red sticker issue with rangers. Not being able to ride as many areas due to closures.