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  1. yamasaki

    stewarts in for monster energy cup

    :lol::lol::lol::lol: its funny... cause its true! -a former js7 fan.
  2. yamasaki

    Barcia and Wilson

    i still think about wilson's podium interview "Tonight I was Barcia's Bitch" everytime i see him being interviewed. LOL. I love watching both of those guys go after each other's throats out there. thats what racing is!
  3. yamasaki

    most annoying SX rider ever!

    watching them ride and their post-race interviews always cracks me up. Wilson is just as much of a character as Barcia, but his personality comes through more on the podium (off the bike). Ive been watching barcia revlimit since the am days. i couldnt wait till he turned pro and he hasnt disappointed!!! i love watching the kid ride. this year's racing has definitely brought a lot of smiles!!! sx and lites!!
  4. yamasaki

    CBS fails again

    yep.. the local cbs affiliate didnt show it here either...
  5. yamasaki

    CBS fails again

    am i the only one that kept switching to cbs but never saw the race?? they were showing tennis here.. ***... :banghead:
  6. yamasaki

    James Stewart Pulls Off The Track!

    for real... that was a let down for me too.. he was supposed to be there "for the fans" and "to have fun" dam bubba.. cmon..... we waited that long for that?
  7. yamasaki

    Reeds Bike!

    dam.. im getting old!!!! i can tell the kids from the adults on this thread just by reading the comments. im not on either side of the argument, but i'll say this... chad was probably even told by his crew not to go back out there.. it wasnt worth the *risk* to him and his team by the time they got that wheel fixed. sucks to hear that, and sucks for spectators, but like someone said (and i agree).. this is PRO racing.. these kinds of mature decisions are what seperate the pro's from the ams... god dam i sound old... F**K!!!! kids.. pay attention.. this is what youre gonna post like when you turn 35... :lol: IT SUCKS! 15 years ago i woulda called that aussie punk a little puss for not getting back out there and riding 5th gear pinned, feet off the pegs, parts flying off the bike everywhere to try and get back in the top 3..
  8. yamasaki

    YZ250 Motor in a YZ450F Aluminum Frame

    sweet project man! i had an 03 yz450f, an 06 yz450f, a yz250, and now my 06 yz125... this is like a yamafrankenha! i love it!
  9. thanks peeps! this is the bike i used to teach justin barcia how to lay it sideways over triples in 6th gear tapped pegged against the revlimiter!
  10. hey, looking for a triple clamp kit for my '06. Just wanted to know which year upper/lower are compatible. i see a lot of '05 kits on ebay but not sure if they would fit. thanks
  11. thanks for all the responses everyone. looks like a new set of rings is on the way
  12. Hello, I was putting my xr650 top end together and i broke one of the thick two top rings like a numb nut. i checked online and i think msrp is $65 for the part number for the whole ring kit Honda 13021-MAN-690 Can i buy one ring somewhere or am i out another $65 and a lesson learned? Thanks in advance!
  13. i put a hi-comp head (eric gorr/forwardmotion modified stock head) and am now running vp110 fuel in my bike. it seems to be bogging at low rpms and is hesitating at high rpms too. are there common jetting changes that need to happen when going high compression? i'm at sea level, south florida thanks in advance
  14. yamasaki

    125 top end life?

    i put about 6-8 hours (per my hourmeter) between top end rebuilds on my yz125. i can tell the power starts tapering off when i start coming up a little short on certain jumps and have to really help the bike with alot of body english over bigger jumps on the track i ride at. if you ride it to the point where it's hard to start before rebuilding, youre just playing with fire imho. peace