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  1. bikedude987

    2nd time on a trail but...brakes?

    Lots of good aadvice re: braking here... But I have to chime in with the poster a couple above: If you're riding anywhere near that fast (25-30 is a blistering singletrack pace) you are going to crash HARD. Especially when you are riding doubletrack trails that are open to ATV's; blind or blown corner, both going too fast, a little bit of PANIC! and you're both going to the hospital. SLOW. DOWN. Learn the basics, practice skill development drills, and most importantly, find a group to ride with! Best thing you can do is hook up with a local club and participate with them. You'll get to meet some guys who will be an invaluable resource in learning both how to go fast AND how to do it safely. But you'll also learn the area and have a pool of knowledge to pull from and support you.
  2. I find that no matter what, there are still some scenarios where I will be pulling on my arms a lot at the end of the day - a good example is a low traction, steep hillclimbs or other scenarios where you need to weight the rear wheel and/or shift weight quickly. Sometimes the terrain simply limits how far you can lean forward (I'll hit my gps before I've leaned far enought forward to correctly balance sometimes). Or the terrain is too rough to allow you to shift your weight quickly enough to fully balance. Sounds like you're not there yet though...Best thing is to do as others have said: ride around in an area with your left hand behind your back - preferably standing. Will force both good throttle control AND good balance.
  3. bikedude987

    Kelly Pt. Grand Canyon

    I've been to Pt Sublime and Toroweap, but not Kelly yet. I can say without a doubt, it's exceedingly remote, and likely very rugged road conditions, especially if wet. You *might* be out of the mudfest by then... Looking for company?
  4. bikedude987

    TM Designworks chain guide

    M6 is M6...one of those things is not like the other. If your tap really is M6, then go buy the right hardware. If it's something else that you tapped.....then go buy the right hardware. Really is that simple. Though if it's somethin bigger than M6, you may have clearance problems with the fastener head.
  5. bikedude987

    enduro conversion

    "suspension" is a whole topic in itself...and can make or break any bike's ability to feel good in a certain terrain.
  6. Clicked it's saying you can't receive messages, so I guess this can be public, 

    I've read through a bunch of your suspension stuff and I will say I'm quite impressed!  You really seem to know your stuff...

    I recently bought a copy of Restackor to try and focus my suspension hacking.  I've had some good luck with it so far, but I would love to get some/any pointers you have - Bikes are mostly dirt, '18 300XC, '10 530 xcw, '06 yz450, '12 super tenere.  What I feel is the biggest struggle so far is knowing what the force vs velocity curve should look like - what I'm trying to tune to in order to get a certain response.  I haven't sprung for the pro version yet, but if it needed to get a complete picture, I can certainly get it.

    Also, I noticed you had a good S10 fork setting worked up - would you mind sharing it with me?  I have one that I put a Penske shock on (had to develop my own setting there, getting close) and am still struggling with the forks.  

    Either way, I want to applaud you for sharing some of the most in-depth suspension knowledge I have come across....you should seriously consider compiling it into a book, or at least a Sticky on here or something.  Makes the RT suspension 'bible' look like a coloring book in comparison!

  7. bikedude987

    Powervalve Contacting Piston

    One note, I would also suggest removing the PV for the trimming operation, you don't want to nick the bore. Should only take a few strokes with an appropriate file or dremel, it's soft aluminum.
  8. bikedude987

    air forks

    I'm not sure I'd be worried about atmospheric moisture - that said I live in ARID-zona....so we revel in any moisture we get. Frankly though, you should be changing your fork oil before it gets to 'milkshake' stage anyway, so if you're doing proper maintenance, it's a non-issue.
  9. Great, I have a rocket in my garage so everyone should go out and launch satellites. While your success in improving your steed is admirable, encouraging people to go out and do something that requires specialized, expensive equipment and knowledge is misleading at best. You don't want internet banter, don't post on the internet, Francis.
  10. bikedude987

    Powervalve Contacting Piston

    Clean up the PV and make sure that the valve itself doesn't go into the bore when it's fully bottomed. Should be easy to tell with a straight edge. If it does, I would suggest simply clearance-ing it, assuming that nothing else is broken. Seems like maybe your rings wore quickly and extruded into the port a little, or you just got a PV/Cylinder that is out of spec.
  11. really? go buy a $100 drill bit (that you'll probably break), find a lathe, because no way you can do this by hand, to save about a beer's worth of weight way down low? seems to be a lot of expense and effort to fix a problem that isn't there to begin with...Lipstick on a Pig?
  12. bikedude987

    Recognize this engine ?

    With the crank angle offset that much, I wonder what that does to the power/efficiency characteristics of the engine? ie: the up stroke will be faster than the down stroke or vise versa. Not quite an Atkinson cycle (smaller compression ratio than expansion ratio), but a faster stroke on one side or the other, at least peak speed.
  13. bikedude987

    Front brake design

    did you get oil on one set of pads? how many hours on each? Air can be extremely difficult to get out of some brake systems....
  14. bikedude987

    2019 KTM 300XC Must Have Mods

    Cut the head to set the squish. Garvis mods and jet to suit (mine likes a everything much richer than the 'jarvis jetting') protection to suit where you ride. Suspension valving to suit where you ride. Forks/Shock respond very well to a competent revalve. LOTS OF PREMIX!
  15. bikedude987

    Engine Ice

    I run it mainly because it's relatively non toxic (dogs and cats in the garage) so if I spill it it isn't a big deal.