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  1. saddlewarmer

    Tire changing tips/tricks

    Changed tires on the daughters 65 this last weekend. Got them off in 5 minutes. Went to put rear on and it would not go. A few (hundred) bad words later I found my problem! I did not have the bead lock pushed up into the tire! Got beadlock set right and tire on in a couple of minutes. Baby powder is great as stated before. I use 3 irons. Changed the front in about 10 minutes total time. A 30 gallon metal drum makes a good tire stand also (if you can find one).
  2. saddlewarmer

    Van with mysterious battery drain

    I have seen some strange battery drain issues over the years. Put the ammeter in line with the battery and watch it for awhile. I had a truck that showed very low current draw( less than 50 ma) and the after a bit would start drawing 5 amps for about 2 minutes then go back to low draw and then do it again at 5 amps. Killed the battery in about 2 days. Dealer ended up replacing parts till it went away.
  3. Hmmm... I have a 14 year old daughter riding a kx250. Does great at it. She has been riding for 9 years now. Races a crf150rb. Wants a 250f. Can she handle it? Yes. But I feel she has the experience to. Been racing all those years.
  4. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    The attached map.
  5. saddlewarmer

    Pueblo riding is awesome! Meeting tonight.

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1141432-honor-farm-ohv-area-in-pueblo-news/ Hope this works.
  6. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    Dennis sent me an email concerning his trail marking for this week. Help is needed!!!(I cannot post the map since it is a PDF format) Tuesday 6/9 - 7:30am - 1:00pm. I will enter the HF property from Pueblo West at Cellini Drive & Purcell Blvd. I have already marked up to the SDS crossing just east of the radio tower. Will start there and mark toward the east till the the main loop heads south toward the power substation. Next will back track to the E/W interior loop/ main loop west junction and mark clockwise around to the north SDS crossing where I stopped marking last week. Friday 6/12 - 7:30am - 11:30am. Work location depends on progress made on 6/9. Will provide details later. - Could use one or two additional people to make pilot holes Tuesday and Friday (bring a small sledge hammer). - More people could be used Friday to attach the vinyl flags to the previously placed markers between the trail head and the northern SDS crossing. Some could be attached on Tuesday but I only have about 40 extra flags at this time. More due in this week. Actually this work could be done anytime once I get the flag tape to you. If you want to help during the days/times above email me or just show up. When I am on the HF property you can contact me on my cell phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX. It may be a few minutes before I get back to you if I am out of the truck placing markers. See attached map. Thanks Dennis
  7. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    FB post 6/8/15 Another email and text from Bob Conner. The pipe is about done for the parking lot fence. Help will be needed setting the fence up. A date and time will be announced for this! OK we got the pipe and are cutting to six foot lengths, and poking 3/4" holes at one end. Should be done this week. Then we'll probably need help making a plan to get this delivered, and installed. We can deliver, but need help with setting them. Thanks. ...Bob
  8. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    FB post 5/29/15 I will apologize for not posting lately. The cable for building the parking area was delivered to Parks and Rec today. Need the pipe to start building. Cleanup of the Honor Farm will hopefully be announced soon. We can't let the effort slow down. Here is the minutes from the last meeting from an email received 5/29/15. Honor Farm – OHV opportunities: May 14, 2015 Meeting minutes – 1. Meeting attendance (see attached) ...2. Discussion items: 1) Trail Head Area Committee – Mike Knox is working on getting the cable here. He is also working with Bob Connor regarding 1,200 LF of 2.375” dia. pipe (target date for completion mid to end of June 2015). 2) Permits & Sponsorship Committee – a. Permits for both annual and daily – it was discussed that the parks department was working to determine if their current ActiveNet system would allow the online registration but also display the waiver. Parks Dept. will continue to work on it (target date for completion June 30, 2015). Waiver and liability is still a concern. Fees will have to be adopted by City Council through a Resolution. b. Parks Dept. will put together a draft a sponsorship packet for distribution (target date for completion June 8, 2015). 3) Trail Designation Committee – It was determined that the fiberglass reflector sticks should be used to designate riding trails until funds are raised to acquire Carsonite signage. 4) Trash Clean-up – Organize a volunteer clean-up on the entire property between June 8th through 21st. During this period, volunteer will gather trash and place in piles where dumpster can be delivered. On the weekend of June 21st dumpsters will be brought to the site and the piles of trash will be loaded into the dumpsters (cost of dumpsters will be approx. $400/ea. - target date for completion June 21, 2015). FB post 6/1/15 FB post 6/1/15 Another step in the right direction! I received an email that Bob Conner has started cutting the pipe and blasting the holes needed for the cable. These when put together will fence off the parking lot area. THANK YOU BOB!!! Hopefully soon we will need some MANUAL labor (and machine labor if we can get it!) help to put these in! (Pueblo City Parks and Rec, please note this!) FB post 6/8/15 Here is the text of an email I received from Dennis. Markers are being placed to mark the trails! He needs help tomorrow! We are moving along!!! This past week I had a chance to try out the 48" fiberglass orange/white route markers. I placed 94 markers mostly on the north and west areas of the main designated route loop. Using a fabricated tool, made from some rectangular tubing welded to #3 rebar, I had no problem making 12-18 inch pilot holes for the markers in most locatio...ns. The positions of all placed markers were recorded with a GPS. Hopefully people who need fiberglass driveway markers will purchase them from Home Depot rather than borrow our route markers. Found some orange outdoor vinyl tape with adhesive that can be attached to the top of the markers like a flag to increase the visibility. The additional cost is only about $0.1 per marker using the 2 inch wide tape. Just received 96 more markers. Weather permitting, I plan to place more markers this coming Tuesday (6/9/2015) and sometime later in the week. If anyone is interested, all you need is a small sledge hammer. I have three of the tools for making the pilot holes. Additionally, the previously placed markers need the vinyl tape added.
  9. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    FB post on 4/20/15 A big thank you goes to all who showed at the Pueblo City Council Chambers to show support for reopening the Honor Farm to OHV riding. A huge thank you to Steve Meier and Jennifer for presenting the proposed plan for the Honor Farm OHV riding to City Council. The consensus is that we received a "thumbs up" from the Council! And Finally, a big THANK YOU! to the Pueblo City Council for listening!!!
  10. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    FB post on 3/17/15 HERE IS A COPY OF THE EMAIL SENT OUT WITH THE MINUTES FOR THE LISTED MEETINGS. First, a big thank you for those that have been able to attend the individual meetings. Below you will find the minutes from each meeting. We are planning another meeting with the entire group on April 9, 2015 at 5:30pm at the City Park Annex (south of the tennis courts in City Park) to bring everyone up to date. Group #1 - Trailhead / Parking - Meeting was held on March 5th at 5:30 at the City Park annex. Those in attendance - Mark Powers, Robert Conner, and Kurt Peterson. Discussion included the trail head location, material need to contain parking area such as; 4" steel pipe or RR ties, 1/2" cable, auger to install posts, signage for rules, signage for directing users to the trail head area, signage to inform people of areas that are not permitted to access, outhouses, parking lot surfacing and funding for Rangers. The location for the trail head was determined that the best location would be at the pinch point between PMP and the private property at the end of the asphalt road where it turns and enters PMP track area. No follow up meeting is planned. Group #2 - Sponsorship / Permits - Meeting was held on March 10th at 5:30 at the City Park annex. Those in attendance - Chris Jiron, Dick & Debbie Roush, Jennifer Olivieri Knox, Mike Knox, Audrey Olivieri, and Shawna Sheppard (Shawna indicated she would lead the group). Discussion included who should they be looking at who to get sponsorships from, and what type of permit system should be set up (daily, annual, or combination of some sort), and where should the donation go to. Those who attended will be doing research and discuss at the next meeting, which is Monday, March 16th at 5:30 at the City Park annex. Group #3 - Trail Designation - Meeting was held on March 11th at 5:30 at the City Park annex. Those in attendance - Bob Neumeister, Dennis Heitzman, James Rael, Jennifer Olivieri Knox, Mike Knox, Audrey Olivieri, and Mel Downs. Discussion included trail markers (researching carsonite signs) and getting together to begin identifying trails that can be used vs. trails that need to be closed, GIS mapping, buffer areas, and areas to avoid. The Group will be out on the property to begin identifying trails on March 12th. The next meeting will be March 25th at 5:30 at the City Park Annex. Group #4 - Clean up - Meeting was held on March 12th at 5:30 at the City Park annex. Those in attendance - Jennifer Olivieri Knox, Mike Knox, Audrey Olivieri, Jamie and Jacqueline Knox, Dean Earl, James Rael, Nathan Reis, Jerilyn Reis, and Carson Reis (Jerilyn Reis and James Rael will lead this group). Discussion included the need for an organized clean up (currently looking at the last weekend in April 24 - 26), need roll offs or trucks to take to the landfill, trash bags, water, outhouse, hotdogs, flyers, and the need for sponsorships of these items. The group indicated that once operating that no trash cans should be located on site and signs should be installed telling people to "Pack their trash out". They will discuss further at the next large group meeting. Thank you! Steven Meier, Director City of Pueblo Parks & Recreation; and Planning & Community Development
  11. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    FB post 3/16/15 We have attended all the meetings but 1 now. I know everyone is curious as to what is going on. The 4 committees have had discussions (some a little heated) on the best way to proceed with the opening and operating of the Honor Farm to riding. Headway has been made on all fronts. Several more meetings are still in the works. I will try to post dates and times so that you may attend. These meetings are not closed. Until the final presentation is made from all committees at a major meeting in the future, I will not post more specific info. If you have questions, please ask and I will answer the best I can. No final decisions have been made at this point. All the support and help we can garner is needed. Please hang in there with us.
  12. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    FB post 2/13/15 The meeting concerning was good. A lot of items were discussed. The final consensus was that 4 committees will be formed. Each committee consisting of volunteers. These 4 committees will start trying to make some headway into getting the Honor Farm open again to riding. The committees are as follows: A trail ID, sponsorship and fees, riding area ID, and cleanup committees.(I think I have that correct, trying to decipher my notes.) All money generated by the use of the Honor F...arm, sponsorship money, etc will go back into the Honor Farm (Pueblo City Government: we want that in writing). Volunteers will be used as much as possible under the direction of the committees and Parks and Rec. It was discussed that we need to get the basics going first and then expand from there. Hours open were discussed. The hours will most likely follow the regular park hours. Camping was brought up. That is an item for down the road. All riding trails must be marked! That is a requirement of the easement. Enforcement of the use of the Honor Farm was discussed. Volunteers will be compensated as much as possible. The ideas were free riding time, free membership, etc. A lot of this comes down to us, the OHV users, to volunteer our time and resources to open the Honor Farm to OHV use. This is not a fast process. The OHV users need to stand up now and say that we WILL get this done. As I have stated before, we need to work with the Parks and Rec, they need to work with us. Compromises will have to be made on both sides. Our opportunity is here again. To the local businesses: we need your help also. A lot of you have been hurt by this closing. As for volunteers, we need everyone! Even an hour or so of your volunteering will make a difference. As I said: OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING!!! WILL WE ANSWER??? FB post 3/3/15 Hello, At the last meeting to organize volunteer efforts at the Honor Farm and Open Space property, you indicated that you would like to assist with sponsorships and permits. The City of Pueblo has scheduled the meeting on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 5:30 pm. The meeting will be at the Pueblo Parks and Recreation annex building located at 3400 Nuckolls Ave (south of the tennis courts in City Park) . This is the same location as the last meeting held on February 12. If you have any questions or if you know of others that would like to contribute to these efforts, please contact me. Thank you for volunteering your time! Mary Beth Roth Marketing Program Coordinator Parks and Recreation Department City of Pueblo 719-553-2682 mroth@pueblo.us
  13. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    FB post 2/5/15 OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS!!! ARE WE GOING TO ANSWER??? Volunteer Efforts at Honor Farm for OHV Riders Hello, ... At the last public OHV meeting on November 19, 2014, you indicated that you are willing to assist in a volunteer effort to establish OHV riding at the Honor Farm. The City will be hosting a meeting to kick-off this effort. It is scheduled for Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm at the George L Williams Pavilion in City Park. The address is 800 Goodnight Ave. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you. Mary Beth Roth Marketing Program Coordinator Parks and Recreation Department City of Pueblo 719-553-2682
  14. saddlewarmer

    Honor Farm OHV Area in Pueblo News

    Posted 11/6/14 The City of Pueblo will host a meeting with the Honor Farm Property stakeholders regarding the future of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at the George L. Williams Pavilion, 800 Goodnight Avenue in City Park. Please feel free to share with others that may be interested in attending the meeting. Mary Beth Roth Marketing Program Coordinator Parks and Recreation Department City of Pueblo November 6, 2014 TO: News Editor FROM: City of Pueblo Pueblo Parks and Recreation www.puebloparks.us CONTACT: Steven Meier Director of Parks and Recreation 719-553-2790 parks@pueblo.us Honor Farm Park and Open Space Public Stakeholders Meeting November 19, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. George L. Williams (City Park) Pavilion, 800 Goodnight Avenue The City of Pueblo and the Honor Farm Advisory Committee will be hosting a public stakeholders meeting on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in Pueblo City Park at the George L. Williams Pavilion. The discussion will be on the future of off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding at the Honor Farm Park and Open Space Property. For more information, please contact the Pueblo Parks and Recreation Department at 719-5532790 or parks@pueblo.us.
  15. I will start posting items from the Pueblo Off Road Riders facebook page here. These will be the posts I think are important. Comments concerning the Facebook posts will not be posted unless I think they need to be. Thank you for looking at this issue.