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  1. cold_612

    2011 engine noise?

    Hey guys, was riding the other night and the engine started to begin making a ticking/knocking sound. Only has about 4 hours on new piston, and did find some very fine metal shavings when I changed the oil yesterday. The bike was running fine then suddenly part way through a lap could here it change. Anyone else have this? Could it be valves or timing chain maybe? I'm not sure if I should keep riding it or not
  2. cold_612

    Lets see the RMZ's

    My RMZ just before I sold it.. New one on the way
  3. cold_612

    Honda CRF 450 or KTM 350??

    I grew up riding 2 strokes and was really thinking of going back to one.. I was originally gonna buy a 150sx based on how much everyone loves that bike. But looking to race I think 350 this year and 150 next year for a second play bike. But my brother is looking at getting a 2011 ktm 250sx so maybe I will ride that before I buy a 350 and might change my mind haha.
  4. cold_612

    Honda CRF 450 or KTM 350??

    Damn wet and dry weights lol.. thanks man I just assumed if they were comparing weight they would use the same for both, kinda misleading on dirt riders part. The KTM is prob def the right bike for me then. I here KTM is making changes in 2013 so maybe I will just look for a leftover 11 instead of the 12. Hate buying new bikes then they change them the next year...
  5. cold_612

    Honda CRF 450 or KTM 350??

    Thanks for the link. the fact that its 8 pounds more than a CRF450 makes it heavy I think. Wish the bike was closer to the weight of a 250 rather than the weight of a 450 but like others said with less rotating mass the bike feels much lighter than it is, and watching transworld motocross test videos on youtube they say it feels light so I think I'm gonna go with the 350 hopefully its the right choice
  6. cold_612

    CRF vs RMZ

    Honda look, feel, and handle great but there unicam engine is the reason to stay away unless you like doing valves more than riding speaking from experience with both get the RMZ you wont regret it
  7. cold_612

    Honda CRF 450 or KTM 350??

    Def something to look into.. Bikes in this area usually dont last long but might be worth asking ktm since I havent yet. I heard ppl had some troubles with the 11's and there was a recall?? might be worth spending the extra on the 12, I dont care about stock suspension since I would be getting it set up for me anyway, but reliability of the engine is important.
  8. cold_612

    Honda CRF 450 or KTM 350??

    Wow 350 is getting respect didnt expect that lol.. thought everyone would say honda Im thinking the 350 is prob the best for me also, its a heavy bike but they say it feels light so thats a good thing. Ive had all kinds but never a KTM so was worried it would feel way dif than the Jap bikes, and here in canada they are not cheap at all. hate to hate it after $10,000
  9. Im looking to buy a new bike and cant decide what to get.. Im 5'10, 170lbs, and currently ride a RMZ 250 I love my bike but hate racing with the young kids.. Im 27 so im looking to get in the 450 class where the racing here is more enjoyable and not full of morons. I dont really want anymore power really than my 250f has except longer power would be nice. So I was thinking the 350 sxf is prob the perfect bike, however its heavy... The Crf 450 is the lightest and weakest of the 450s which is why I chose it as a 450. my brother has a 2011 RMZ 450 and it just is to much bike for me I only race junior and 450 is alot of bike, but I've never ridden a ktm before and I'm a picky bastard when it comes to handling and feel. Has anyone rode these bikes? maybe both? and can lend a hand choosing which one of would suit me best.
  10. Heres a pic for those who asked or anyone looking, Hope it helps
  11. cold_612

    Squeezing with Knees!

    You should be squeezing at lowest centre of gravity which means squeezing with ankles more, not knees.. stand on balls of feet toes turned in and grip with ankles
  12. I took the top plastic part off the back of the proframe and now my bionic fits good
  13. doesnt fit I got my proframe the other day cause BTO site says it fits both but it doesnt.. it works with my brothers leatt but not my bionic
  14. I have the proframe and bionic and they dont work togehter. bought it cause it said it did fit, but it works with my brothers leatt brace.. think im gonna try sell the alpinestars and get a leatt
  15. Just got my fox proframe today and it wont fit with the alpinestars neckbrace, it says it does on bto but found a review on motocross action saying it only works with leatt and omega anyone have this problem? and how can I make it fit?