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  1. Agree has to be one these two items.
  2. 42 almost 43... I ride once or twice a week. I still ride everything at a level when I was 20 but just a bit slower now. I do avoid any of the major jumps Ie: the 80-100+ footers. Honestly nothing to do with not being able to make them, more with having a daughter and after missing a month or so of being laid up years ago I changed my thought process to "I have nothing to prove to myself that I have not already accomplished" NOW if had you asked me that 10, heck even 5 years ago I would have laughed at you
  3. Good advice but you really need a Civil Engineering. The Architect will be needed if your going to put up a building or structure. This is no different then any projects I have done over the last 20+ years. The key understand is your jurisdictions criteria. Look up the items below first in bold. The other items are things to think about that your city may require. ZONING: Has the City already classified the property in the zoning map or long range plan? 120 acres with homes around, may have a SF rating (Single Family) or a component for SF an MU-C1 (Mixed Use or Commercial rating) If it is not classified yet by the City that is one huge steep forward. LOCATION: See if it really is in the City limits? It may not be in the City but in a county which can change the aspect totally. Understand if you go through the process the CIty engineering department more than likely require CIVIL documents for the following items at minimum: Road Access Keep it private, you can use Ingress/Egress easements to cover yourself for the public and not pay fees for the public roads. If you allow the public you have to have a clear access that allows life safety (Police, ambulance, fire, etc) to access cleanly. GESC (Grading-Erosion Control Plans) Your moving a lot of dirt and the EPA has regulations that all jurisdications are to follow!! It mainly deals with water quality for tributary water in streams and creeks. **Note about 75% of all water is WATERS OF THE U.S. that is how the EPA applies it! EDIT: The EPA can fine up to $10,000 violations, trust me I did a Walmart project and they paid 140K in fines over two weeks plus clean up cost just get the project open as the revenue was greater if they opened on time!! Actually there are alot of things you may need but those two are always issues IF you get the zoning approved for a track. I will say, if you do your presentation right, ask for a "Temporary" permit. The other track set a precedent you have to overcome. Tell them you want to PROVE it to them with only a temporary permit, say 5-10 years. If they say to long, tell them it will take that long to make changes and adjustments required to appease the concerns as the site progresses. There is to much honestly to list, if you want some input shoot me a message and I will help you anyway I can.
  4. I have the same boots and I also wear 12 and got 12.5. They break in a bit but not much. I ended up going to the thin socks after break in and it was all I needed. I love the boots they are snug, but not tight and I never find it bothers me riding. The one thing I notice with the SRS is my feet do not feel "tired" after riding for hours as it did with my other boots.
  5. Working in development, you can find really good property within 45-60mins of Denver that you could build some very nice tracks on for cheap actually. Even can get water fairly easy from some the districts for cheap. The biggest issue is zoning. Second and more surprising is the commercial taxes. The counties seem to be making up for the "dark days" of tax revenue over that last few years. No way to leave it AG and pay almost not taxes. The Insurance needed to protect yourself, even with waivers can be staggering too we found. Buying equipement and such too adds up. A friend and I have still been looking into it though.... We are working out the performa and not sure you can make a decent living in this region honestly since it is down for about 3 or months a year with weather. The IRR is slow.
  6. Agree.. but MA800 has never been a supercross rider. This is probably his best year honestly. He sucked at the whoops but has gotten a lot better. Outdoors is he true location. IF and big IF he has the physical aspect under control all he has to do is ride smart because out doors he is A LOT faster than indoors. Do I think he will win the title, nope, but he may win a moto or two.
  7. Short?? Just wondering, does he only have a Supercross contract? There is a lot of rumors about him riding outdoors for someone else. He could be a short list, no pun intended.
  8. KTM 250SX.... Granted I would still keep the RMZ too
  9. +1 lubing it always seems to work the best and clean out the housing if there is dirt and grime.
  10. As long as you have boots that work now, get the suspension done.
  11. Sorry if it came out wrong. I agree, and like all bikes you can change them up and 250SX is a great bike as it comes with features up front and not having to purchase it later. I read the PC Pipe and muffler really help it open up on top so it revs out better too, if you need that. The ignition map switch is like $50. I was just stating what I experienced riding the bike and it was fun as hell I smiled the whole time. It was brand new and not changed (Ie: spring) so the standard settup. Dont get me wrong I really like the bike and still am thinking about getting one.
  12. I would take it back, but at the same time schedule to meet with the shop manager. Discuss your concern on the shops recent work, show him the leaks and than see what he/she says. I agree 10-20-30 hours the bike should not leak, if anything was wrong it should be a mechanical issue, not leaks. Leaks always indicate to me something was done wrong or half azz. Just my 0.02 cents. If the shop manager acts like he does not care take your money elsewhere. The shop will see a decline in service work and figure out what the real issue is, but by than it is normally to late. Reputation is all those shops have. One thing I have learned "the customer is always right"... even if they are WAY WRONG =) In your case your right to talk to them.
  13. Good write up. I was lucky enough about a month or so ago to ride a new 250SX, had been wondering about getting one honestly, but now I am not sold, reasons are simple. Power: Compared to my 450 the 250SX pulled INSTO and had to be shifted a ton, if you have not ridden one lately it is scary azz fun how they jump forward in good traction. Honestly I would say in a drag race it sure felt like it would take most 450's but you would be shifting twice as much as revs super fast. GRANTED I was smiling the whole time but I was also not able to focus on the track as much I was more worried if I was going to get tossed of the wild beast. It would take a long time to get used to. Handling: I have an 09' RMZ so handling was going to be tough to beat, but I would say it was a tie. 250sx was light in the corners, actually you could toss it around, but at the sime time it was a little twitchy because it was so nimble. Little corner bumps would bounce it around more than the thumper. Like my RMZ, I could place it anywhere but once you hit the power you had better make sure you were in the right direction LOL Exhaustion: Fine not a aspect of the bike but should be noted. IT FLAT wore me out, I me like twice as fast. I grew up on 2 strokes but I forgot how much work they are. At apex points in the corner were I would open it up on the RMZ, if I did that on the 250SX I would be hanging on hard and hoping to stay in the line as the front tire comes up or the bike tire started to slide out. It was more work, alot more than I recall. If you have the fitness and skill I could see that bike winning a lot today, but it take a way better rider. If your that good, you would be as fast if not faster in race on the 4 stroke because later in the race you would want to puke a lung.... I think I lost both of mine LOL So my main reason for thinking of passing now, though I was grinning ear to ear riding it is simple, I would have to get into REAL SHAPE (yes sad). I was flat out spent on the bike in a couple of laps. it would take some time to adjust to riding it, but I since I ride a 450 I know I would not be faster on it. Lap times I was about the same as my RMZ, almost dead on, but that is because everyone has a MAX fear factor as I call it. You can only ride as fast as you can, and bikes are not typically the limiting factor. If you want a RUSH every time you ride I would get one flat out, but you want to ride longer on the track the 4 stroke is easier. Now I recall why they call the 4 stroke the lazy man dirt bike. Edit: Jumping on it was wicked fun because it was light, and if you had a short approach out of a corner that bike could hit all 50HP almost insto and you just launch. Someting I forgot that was fun on a 2 stroke but also takes alot of energy.
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