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  1. brucifer

    pussification of mxon

    How would you like to be the Netherlands 250 guy?
  2. brucifer

    Dean-O @ Ironman

    Yes I am one of those guys, and you are one of the guys who thinks if he had Marvins bike you could be out front. Now we will never know. Could they do it or not. Tell me did they take it out for ET or Marvin?
  3. brucifer

    Dean-O @ Ironman

    Geezz that was practice. Bag-it would clear that with a hurt thumb in the race.
  4. brucifer

    Dean-O @ Ironman

    I am missing it. What is difficult about that section?
  5. brucifer

    Favorite Blake Baggett Moments

    I liked on the podium when Blake ask Jayson if he was ready to try and lift his trophy.
  6. brucifer

    TOMAC is a bit of choker.

    What about Starvin Marvin? you guy act like he is not there. This wasn't Tomac championship to loose it was Dungie's and he gave up.
  7. brucifer

    What if RV beats Reed and Webb in AUS?

    When is this race?
  8. brucifer

    Roczen Broken Femur

    Thats the same bike that ejected ET3
  9. brucifer

    Tim Gajser Confirms MEC

    Thought so. Thanks
  10. brucifer

    Tim Gajser Confirms MEC

    Will he ride his MXGP bike or a legal AMA bike?
  11. brucifer

    MEC 2016

    You still think Webb will be a threat?
  12. brucifer


    Webb did great? Personally I was disappointed in the 4th . He was 2 seconds off the pace. Anderson as a fourth or fifty pick for the nations did better than great. Every one talks about the MXoNation as equal. Where every state in Europe sends a team and the USA sends 2 if you count Port Erico. What is Florida, California, Minnesota, The Caralinas, New York sent a team. We might find 3 racers here in Texas who could make the top 20
  13. brucifer


    Yes Hence the Checkered Flag
  14. brucifer


    Well France owes a Champion Ship to Japan
  15. brucifer


    Japan, They don't call them kamikaze for nothing.