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  1. Hillzy

    Hurricane Graphics

    Thanks, exactly what I’m looking for. Now I have to find the plastic.
  2. Hillzy

    Hurricane Graphics

    I just picked up a new holdover 2017 YZ250 and want to go with the retro look. My first MX bike as a kid was a 1979 YZ80, and I want the same look for what I believe to be my last MX bike. I have searched the internet for hours and have come up dry. Does anyone make the retro hurricane yellow graphics for the new generation YZ’s. I am also looking for the old Yamaha Yellow plastic. Im undecided on a yellow or black Clarke gas tank. If I go yellow on the tank, does anyone know what brand plastic will match? Is the R-Tech plastic a direct bolt on replacement to the 2015-up plastic? Any input would be appreciated.
  3. Hillzy

    YZ300 kit gearing suggestions

    Scooter, I went with the Athena kit so I could have the stock cylinder, head, and power valve assembly available for a spare or to go back to 250 if I wanted. The Athena quality was top notch. I did have Eric Gorr port the Athena cylinder and set the squish. I went big bore on another 250 smoker and I was displeased with the grinding that was done on the power valve for clearance. I have about 3 hours of run time on the bike so far and I am very pleased. I ended up settling on 14/48 gearing, which seems to be about perfect.
  4. Hillzy

    YZ300 kit gearing suggestions

    Thanks numroe, just what I wanted to hear. I'm 195 and will be going with 14/49. I was going to wait until my bike needed a piston to install the kit, but after reading your response I am rethinking that thought. I am trying to make this a do it all bike so I don't get 450 fever again.
  5. I have a 13 YZ250 that I'm going to install an Athena 300 kit on when I need a piston change. The bike has 8 hours on it currently. I have the kit already and the head and cylinder are in the hands of Eric Gorr for porting and squish correction. My question is on gearing for motocross. I currently run a GYTR 8.04 oz flywheel with 14/51 on a stock motor. What is the best gearing with the 300 kit? I was thinking 14/48 or 14/49........thoughts anyone?
  6. Hillzy

    Stock bars

    I changed my stock bars to the RC bend, 604's, I hated the low/flat stock bars
  7. A friend made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I regretfully sold it to him. I ended buying a new holdover YZ250 2-stroke. If I put a piston in for him, it'll be a 2012 part number to play it safe
  8. Hillzy

    New England

    Woody's in Topsham, Maine has one.
  9. I'm going to go with the 2015 piston. I can't imagine the slight bump in compression will be a problem. I was hoping for input from someone who as done it, before I ordered parts. I as well won't do my tear down until fall or winter so I can finish out the season. I am going to replace the tensioner with an OEM part....it is half the cost of the Tokyo Mods manual adjuster and I think I would drive myself crazy checking, then rechecking, and second guessing myself on the manual tensioner because of my "DBMOCD" (dirt bike maintenance obsessive compulsive disorder). This is my second 2012 Kawi 450......I sold my first one prior to doing a re-build and missed the bike dearly. I found my current bike used with low hours, but I want no question marks on this bike for next season and want to have fresh motor when I install my WC hour meter. I am going to do the clutch push rod mod while I have it apart as well. I considered a new bike, but the air forks are something this old guy doesn't want to deal with.
  10. The 2012 and 2015 Pistons have different part numbers.....the 15 is an updated piston that is a stronger design but has a 12.8:1 compression ratio. The 12-14 Pistons are 12.5:1. I know it will fit, but the bike is on the verge of detonation on hot days as it is, and I don't want any issues. Just looking for someone who has tried one in an earlier bike before I order parts.
  11. So no one has tried a 2015 in Piston in an earlier (2012 to 2014) 450? I was hoping somebody has tried this and could share their results. I guess I'll end up ordering a 2012 piston to play it safe.
  12. I am preparing to order parts for my 2012 450f’s first top end replacement. I bought the bike used with approximately 40 hours on it I am guessing (original sprockets, grips, plastic, front tire, minimal clutch cover wear ect….no hour meter). It has never been opened up, so I am going to start fresh with new parts to play it safe. The bike runs perfect with no piston slap or any other noises. I am going to use OEM parts and was wondering if I should go with the 2012 piston or with the updated 2015 upgraded bridged box piston? I am replacing the piston, cam chain, gaskets, and I am cleaning the oil scavenge screen at the same time. I am also considering replacing the cam chain tensioner. Do you any of you replace the cam chain tensioner every time you change the chain? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hillzy

    Torque spec on countershaft sprocket?

    I suspect the 2008 manual has a misprint on the torque spec in my opinion. Common sense says not to tighten that nut with that much torque. I have 3 Kawasaki KX450F factory manuals and I checked all 3. The 2009-2011 manual states 52 foot pounds as well as the 2010 manual I have and the 2012 manual. I verified on Rocky Mountain ATV's OEM parts page that 2008 through 2016 KX450F's all have the part number of: 92015-1963 on the counter sprocket nut. I personally would go 52 foot pounds, which I just did on my 2012 a couple weeks ago when I changed my chain/sprockets. I have seen misprints before on factory manuals, so this isn't new. Just my 2 cents on this.
  14. Hillzy

    Torque spec on countershaft sprocket?

    My 2012 is 52ft lbs......probably the same?
  15. Hillzy

    TTR125LE Starter Motor dragging noise resistance

    Figured the issue out.......I bought an aftermarket starter clutch with gear of Ebay and installed it how they had it assembled in the box. It was backwards from the factory. The plate side of the starter clutch needs to be installed on the flywheel side. I flipped the clutch and re-installed and problem is solved.