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  1. If you left gas in there for an extended amount of time it's possible to clog the jets
  2. throttle position sensor, just a shot in the dark but my 11 kx250f had similar issues when the tps went out. also as always have you check the vavles and timing?
  3. might be the tps
  4. I do still have the title of my bike and thought about reporting it stolen But at this point I don't care anymore, the kid and his mom were pathetic all around. Thing is pretty nice just not a show piece. Also thought about getting a frame with a title but another one of those just don't care anymore things haha I wouldn't be opposed to shipping it for the right price. If anyone is interested just shoot me an offer bangmyheadx2@yahoo Also would be willing to part her out, just let me know what you need
  5. Got this 05 kx125 on trade and never got the pink, tried and tried but no luck anyways after taking this thing from a roach machine to a semi roach machine im curious what i should do, sell it as a whole or part it out.... if i do sell the bike what do you think i should ask? 22 hours on new oem crank and clutch 2 hours on new top end eric gorr 144 rg3 suspension pro series excel rims and hubs vforce 3 reeds and a few shitty stock parts. anyways any input would be great
  6. had one break off inside the case and will never use one again, cheap material...
  7. Stock vavles will be fine to run, just with the PC cams you need heavier springs to be able to handle the cam design. PC wants 354.99, i saw the Xceldyne and it got me thinking, Del west makes PC valves JE makes PC pistons and next in line would be who makes PC springs/retainers? Thanks for the replies, im just hoping to get some first hand experience with the spring rates ect...
  8. Time for a top end on my bike, just wondering if there are any alternative Valve springs i can use. I have PC cams and $400 for just the springs and retainers is alil costly at the moment.
  9. Supercross

    cant wait!!
  10. Supercross

  11. Fun stuff!!
  12. thats a bummer...
  13. Where'd ya get it remapped, also i just picked up a FMF rct and mega bomb hoping the combo will help top end on my '11??
  14. really enjoy Rise Against, strung out, face to face ect..... also throw in some metallica and slayer