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  1. Karlznet

    Is Crf50 legal in bike lane in CA?

    Here's the engine for your CRF50 California legal Motorized Bicycle or "Moped". Oh yea the big bore kit will fit on it, and it's got a hidden 2nd gear to boot! http://tboltusa.com/store/50cc-moped-engine-pedals-p-1301.html Added: if I'm understanding this right you can then ride your motorized bicycle in the bicycle lane provided it is adjacent to or part of the roadway. http://dmv.ca.gov/pubs/vctop/d11/vc21207_5.htm
  2. Karlznet

    Help identifying rear shock spring

    Here's a pic of the spring.
  3. I picked up a 2002 XR200R that has a Gray spring on the stock rear shock, and am hoping someone here can help me identify what company originally sold it. I was told the original owner had it installed and believe it's heavier than stock. The color of the spring is "Battleship Gray" , a solid color, not a dark gray or metallic gray and definitely not silver. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, ~Karl
  4. Karlznet

    Help Identifying rear shock spring

    I thought I read KYB on the little white sticker but I got the magnifying glass out and it's actually KV6-610. Also it's the short shock, I can tell just by the way my feet touch the ground when I'm setting on it.
  5. I just picked up another XR200R after being away from bikes for a while. It's a super clean low hour 2002 with a Baja lighting kit, Trailtech speedo and few other aftermarket do-dads. All the photos I've seen show a stocker comes with a yellow spring, but mine has a Battleship Grey colored spring on what appears to be a stock KYB rear shock. I was hoping someone here could help me identify the brand and spring rate. Thanks in advance ~Karlznet
  6. Karlznet

    Motoped DX Slideshow

    If you get in on the current Kickstarter project they'll ship anywhere in the world. https://www.facebook.com/motopeds http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2097071998/motopeds
  7. Karlznet

    mountain moto...motoped

    My only dealing with them has been talking to Bryant on the phone and exchanging a few emails with Cam. I was bummed when the earlier campaign on Kickstarter fell through but they kept me in the loop on what was in the works and I got in on the new Kickstarter project for a complete bike kit with the custom Marzocchi suspension plus the foot peg kit. Looks like they will be fully funded this time no problem. I was told that they are being built by a major motorcycle company and also that Jeff Ward is involved in the project. https://www.facebook.com/motopeds
  8. Karlznet


    They are back on Kickstart and will be fully funded. Next run is going to be made by a major motorcycle company bringing the pricing down much lower. $599 for a frame kit and $1,500 for complete bike kit minus engine. Once they are gone they're gone. https://www.facebook.com/motopeds
  9. Karlznet

    mountain moto...motoped

    They have another campaign going on Kickstarter. Looks like no problem getting fully funded this time around. I'm in for one for sure. Check out the new Marzzochi front and rear suspension designed just for this new run. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2097071998/motopeds
  10. Karlznet

    How would you feel?

    Here's an idea. Talk to your local dealer and tell them you are already riding a 200 but are looking at buying a new bike. Let them know that you have been trying out different makes and models and would really like to try out their brand/model for comparison. See if you can find out where your dealer and their employees go riding and meet up with them with your bike. Most will be thrilled at the chance of getting you on one of their bikes and the chance to make a sale. As far as your question goes, if I saw you riding your bike (and provided you weren't some kinda kook) I would let you ride my bike a few laps no prob! But then again thats just me. The old break it you bought term is ok and well but usually reserved for those who are begging for a ride. An owner of a bike, car, or anything for that matter, who loans it to another person should know that there is always a chance that it will not be returned in the same condition. If he (or she) has a problem accepting that then they should never let anyone try out or test ride their bike.
  11. Karlznet

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Nice job Quick Draw! If the moderator or administrator is viewing, this thread has my vote for becoming a sticky
  12. Karlznet

    Live Racing Webcast right now!

    Hey it's good entertainment for a Wednesday night, and it doesn't cost anything! Sidecars up next
  13. Link Live Racing Webcast Hey they are all racing thumpers!
  14. Karlznet

    Live racing webcast NOW!

    Link Racing Webcast Hey, they are all on thumpers!
  15. Live Wednesday nights Racing Webcast Hey they are all thumpers