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  1. plurpimpin

    PWK conversion infomation

    I understand you can run it without the tps hooked up but I was hoping to use it. Already plugged the power jet.
  2. plurpimpin

    PWK conversion infomation

    Does anybody know the TPS wiring colors for a KX250 carb? I just went to wire mine up and the colors are not the same as those described in this thread. The KX TPS wires are red w/green stripe, white w/black stripe, and black w/green stripe. Anyone running tps on a KX carb? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'd really like to get this thing on there.
  3. I'm on the Baja SAE team at my college and we're looking for a good machine shop to get gears cut for our gear box. Anybody know a good shop for this? I figured I'd ask here since it seems alot of engineers and machinists frequent this board. If not I'll start calling around.
  4. plurpimpin

    should i woods race?

    if you want to race woods go out and do it! it's a blast, don't worry about having an old bike, as long as you keep up with your maintenance you'll be fine (don't want it to die on you halfway through a lap in the middle of nowhere)
  5. plurpimpin

    cr250 woods racer?

    I race harescrambles on an 05 cr250 and it is an amazing woods bike. The engine is not weak at all, it is just super smooth which makes it awesome in the woods. I have a 9 oz flywheel weight on it which makes the bike nice and lugable in the tight stuff. Plus the chasis and suspension on the bike are great, so nimble.
  6. plurpimpin

    What do yall put in your Camlebacks?

    Water and Ice, I used gatoraid a few times in high school and forgot to clean it out right after a ride... had some really nasty things growing in there
  7. plurpimpin

    Good boots for under $200?

    keep an eye on ebay, I got a brand new pair of gaerne sg10's for $225 shipped last fall
  8. I think you hit the nail on the head here. No one answer, plus people start these threads every other day. Talk about beating a dead horse
  9. plurpimpin

    Weird CR250 Starting Problem

    good point, do you think overheating could have anything to do with making the ring stick? I just wonder because I've never had the problem before and this was by far the hottest day I've been on the bike this year. Sitting on the start line idling the bike was definitely getting hot (but not boiling over). Plus the problem went away once I got air flowing through the radiators. Just thinking aloud here... Oh and I haven't had a chance to pull it apart yet b/c the bike's at a friend's house. I'll check the rings as soon as I can.
  10. plurpimpin

    Pawn Stars destroys a Husky!

    wow those pictures just made me vomit alittle in my mouth... that's just plain wrong
  11. plurpimpin

    Weird CR250 Starting Problem

    The thing I'm having trouble understanding is if a stuck ring were the issue it would be a chronic problem wouldn't it? I literally started and turned the bike off about a dozen times that morning with no issues. Then it started fine, with good compression, and died after running for a few seconds. After it died I had no compression. Could the ring have really gotten stuck while running? I'm not doubting the diagnosis I'll pull it apart and check, I'm just questioning whether a stuck ring would happen suddenly while an engine is running? The sudden occurrence of the problem is what has me wondering. It was literally fine one second and then lost compression the next. Also with regards to "it will run sort of OK" the bike ran totally normal once started.
  12. plurpimpin

    Weird CR250 Starting Problem

    Stuck ring? I've never heard of this problem, I did a search and it didn't yield anything either. Can you elaborate alittle?
  13. plurpimpin

    Weird CR250 Starting Problem

    So I had a harescramble last weekend and ended up starting 2.5 min behind my class because of a starting problem with my 2005 CR250. It was starting great all morning and then on the starting line after the national anthem I kicked it over, it ran for about 10 seconds and then died. After it died the engine felt like it had no compression, there was virtually no resistance in the kickstarter (it was easier to kick than a 125). At this point I thought my race was done. After 2 minutes of kicking someone push started me and the bike started right up. After I got going I was able to restart the bike fine if it stalled and after the race everything felt totally normal including the compression. It was a very hot day around 90+ degrees. Does anybody have any idea what could've caused this problem? Everything seems fine now but I want to get this sorted out before my next race. Oh and the topend was rebuilt about a month ago so I doubt that's the issue.
  14. plurpimpin

    05 CR250 Carb Issues

    Ok so I got this figured out the other day. Turned out that the seat for my float valve was alittle dirty. I just used a 3/16" dowel to clean and polish the seat. That fixed the problem