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  1. nigelnigel

    Stewart Quits again!

    From Racerxonlne: Pieck's comments “I wasn’t even close enough to pass the guy [stewart]” Peick told us afterward. “The main line in the rhythm was triple-double-triple and he had done that the lap before. I was committed to the triple and he checked up and went double. I was already committed and he swept right while I was going inside on the triple and I just landed right into the back of him. I didn’t really hit him that hard I don’t think, but he ended up going down. It’s hard to judge stuff like that because everyone is going so damn fast. You don’t have time to cruise the track and wait. It’s risky, we’re all trying to get in the main from the heat. That move wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t planning on passing him. Hopefully he’s all right. It’s just one of those racing incidents nobody can really control.”
  2. nigelnigel

    Tired of Roczen's Excuses?

    Yeah Roczen is a talent that's for sure but look at his speeches and how they differ when he wins and loses. When he wins he's elated (and he should be) and saying everything is 100% but when he loses he goes straight for the excuses. That just seems to be immature and maybe will get ironed out with experience. At this time all I am saying it's annoying.
  3. nigelnigel

    Tired of Roczen's Excuses?

    I don't think it's boring to see Dungey win and consistently win. His riding is a work of art and it's not just watching a single race ride/win. You are seeing the culmination of dedication, hard work, an awesome KTM team (team in every sense of the word) and talent. As well as the attitude he brings to the race and racing in general. I don't think that's a boring thing to watch.
  4. nigelnigel

    Supercross Tired of Roczen's Excuses?

    Really, why is it that every time he loses you can count down the time for when he spouts out his excuses. This time was no different as "i wasn't feeling good for 2 weeks...I was sick" Never the fact that maybe Dungey is just better than me...or at least better than me this night. I for one am tired of it and it's unfortunate.
  5. nigelnigel

    Stewart destroys Musquin's chance at a win

    Nothing to do with him? he was continuing to race! You do NOT do this as a pro..he even passed him at that section after getting passed. NO! This has everything to do with JS7
  6. nigelnigel

    Stewart destroys Musquin's chance at a win

    You can imagine if this happened to Stewart back when he had a chance of winning...like 100 years ago or whenever...but yeah as stated above, super classy post-race interview by Musquin and Dungey as well. 4 KTMs in the top 5!
  7. Yeah smooth move idiot! You are getting lapped so get the F out of the way! Thoughts?
  8. nigelnigel

    Supercross Australian SX Open Stream?

    Anyone have it? Even Dean Wilson tweeted about trying to find a feed for this....Anyone??
  9. It's here! 6.8 pounds lighter, new frame etc.... http://motocrossactionmag.com/bike-tests/ktm-tests/theyre-here-first-look-at-the-2016-ktms
  10. I think I'll give some of the local dealers a call as well as some California dealers and see if they have info. I know they seem to not want to reveal info about it because they still want to sell their current inventory at full price but we'll see.
  11. I'm not buying anything until I get to check out the 2016. Had a '12 and loved it.
  12. Thanks for your reply. Did you do any training besides riding a lot? Like running, biking, strength training? From what I see the consensus is pace yourself and ride as much as possible before the first race. This will be am awesome learning experience.
  13. Oh yeah.. We rode late in the fall at Nemadji together. I saw his last YouTube video riding and there was still snow. Can't wait to get back and start riding. Looks like this isn't anything like the shi**y spring we had last year.
  14. Yeah.. That was my brother. He ended up first for the year and me 3rd. We're both moving to B class so it's all yours! You should try hitting all the races this year.