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  1. 2018 beta 300RR Race. Rode 56 miles in an NMA race without gassing up.
  2. wheeline

    Chainsaw mounts

    Please share pics of your chainsaw mounts. The homemade front mount I use on a KTM won't fit on the new 300rr.
  3. wheeline

    When was the first year the cr85 was made?

    I’m not sure
  4. wheeline

    When was the first year the cr85 was made?

    These are my notes from the old honda 85 days Gas Tanks 1996 - 2002 white 2003 - 2007 black (tanks have different mounting points on the frame, can be "engineered" to fit. Frame 1996 - 2002 (2002 went to silver paint) 2003 - 2004 (CR85 tank mounts is the only change) 2005 - 2007 (reocated coil location and rear brake reservoir location) Engine 1996 - 2007 Bottom end same 1996 - 2002 82cc, male exhaust flange 2003 - 2004 85cc, male exhaust flange 2005 - 2007 85cc, female exhaust flange Exhaust 1996 - 2004 fits male exhaust flange 2005 - 2007 fits female exhaust flange Silencer 1996 - 2007 all interchange Carbs 1996 - 2004 Keihin round slide carb 2005 - 2007 Keihin flat slide carb Forks 1996 - 2007 all interchange Rear Shock 1996 - 2007 all interchange Seat 1996 - 2007 all interchange Rims 1996 - 2007 all interchange CR80R/CR85R - 17" front and 14" rear CR80RB/CR85RB - 19" front and 16" rear
  5. wheeline

    2000 65sx help

    There should definitely be an air screw. Can you post a pic of both sides of the carb?
  6. wheeline

    2000 65sx help

    What are your jet sizes and how many turns out on the air screw?
  7. wheeline

    Best helmet money can buy

    Love my Airoh aviator. I've had it for 2 seasons.
  8. wheeline

    tubeliss for the D100?

    I use tire balls at the D100. Set them at 12psi and go as hard as you can. I always have 1 or 2 flat balls in each tire after the race. They are a pain to mount and I got lazy a couple years ago and got a front flat with a Bridgestone UHD tube. My team had our best run going yet and the flat ruined our goal of a top 3 finish. Won't run again without the balls. 5 or 10 minutes fixing a tubliss flat is the difference between finishing at the top of your class or just getting a t-shirt.
  9. wheeline

    Electric bikes for kids

    Started my youngest son on a strider at 3, moved to an Oset 12.5 when he was 4 and on to a KTM mini adventure when he was 6. He is years ahead of his brothers that didn't have these options. My kids are short for their ability level and it's just not realistic to put them on a bike where they can't stop, start and get up from a fall independently. I can tell you that I bought the Oset in 5/2011 and have had no manufacturers issues. The governor works perfect from full power down until the bike won't even move. I have no experience with any other electric bikes but the pictures look like swapping batteries would be difficult. Our camping trips are non stop riding and I have 3 sets of batteries to swap out for all day riding.
  10. wheeline

    Dez 100 results posted on Stumpies site

    All team racers had 4-digit numbers. It would be cool to see the complete list.
  11. wheeline

    Dez 100 results posted on Stumpies site

    Anyone know how much time elapsed between the first and second start? How many DNF's? Posted times show that the clock started ticking for everyone (first and second wave) when the first wave started.
  12. wheeline

    Youngest Dez 100 Rider?

    I remember how sore my legs were after doing the 100 a few years ago. Teamed it this year, so not too bad. I can't wait until my boys are ready to race. Great story and thanks for sharing!!