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  1. I still ordered one for $36 lol. Maybe I'll wear that in the heat this year Enduro riding instead of my bulky mesh street jacket.
  2. There are times I prefer a quad lol. Sand and pinestraw.
  3. Oic0

    100,000+km DRZ400SM top end

    Sometimes a bad coil will be fine until it's under load then fire intermittently. You can kind of tell from the sound and backfires though.
  4. Oic0

    100,000+km DRZ400SM top end

    Did it backfire? You check the coil? Regardless, I would probably rebuild it while in there too. If the piston and rings are good, so be it, but the head, might as well. Get you all your power back except what little the cam has lost in height.
  5. I ride to relax and have fun. I'm a competitive person so racing would NOT be relaxing and probably wouldn't be fun. I would end up treating it like a job. Only a reverse job where I pay out money to be stressed and work.
  6. Oic0

    Forgot to replace oil before riding

    Just start checking the oil window before ever ride. Good knowledge to have anyway. Can see the color and fill level. Will know when to add or change (my 690 burns a lil oil on the interstate).
  7. Oic0

    No mess chain lube ?

    I told you, I troll online instead of cleaning my chain, so I have plenty of time for this
  8. Oic0

    No mess chain lube ?

    You only live so long lol. I have better uses of my time, like trolling online
  9. Oic0

    No mess chain lube ?

    Last road bike I bought, the previous owner said the same thing. He never really touched the chain. It and the sprockets were all toast in the 6000 miles the was on the bike. Metal shavings under front procket cover and both sprockets were hooking bad. I have about 20k on the new chain sprockets and lube them ever ride and they still look new and have only had to adjust them once. Dunno how. I've never had one last less than 10,000 miles and I treat them like crap. Even my 690 enduros chain has almost 10,000 miles of abuse on it and its been ridden in mudholes and put away dirty.
  10. Oic0

    No mess chain lube ?

    I catch so much shit from street bike people for doing that. They think if you dont wash and lube your chain every 500 miles it will self destruct. Sooo many angry replies whenever I mention I rarely wash or lube my chain... OEM ones last me 10,000 miles even with lots of riding in the rain. The chain usually starts to get stiff spots, but by then my sprockets are usually shot anyway. Heck, it probably would last longer if I took care of it, but even discounting the price of the cleaning products, the value of my time spent would faaaaar outweigh the price of a new chain. I clean and wax mine every time I put on new tires but its mostly just for aesthetics.
  11. I hate Honda. Partly on principle because they campaigned against the two stroke Partly because in the street bike world they always make the most slowest bike in every class for a not so cheap price.
  12. I've got Avon trailriders on my 690. They handle the power well on the road and I can throw it into a corner like a sport bike. They're also decent off road. I never find myself unable to go down any trail, it's just a matter of how fast I can. I've run Shinko 705s before. They were ok but I wasn't a huge fan. They felt very heavy on the 250 I had them on and got greasy in the summer on hot asphalt. I can't directly compare them to the Avon's though because the the 690 has enough power that they might be heavy and I wouldn't notice as much.
  13. I live in mud central I think. Hate it lol. I can understand some of it though. All of the people I know that do it, it's a husband and wife thing. A lot easier to get the wife into going and riding around in mud (as a passenger), drinking, and listening to music (giant party) than it is to get her to learn to ride a dirt bike or ATV.
  14. Everywhere I ride big lug tires are banned and mudding is banned. Doesn't matter. They ignore the rules and make massive mud holes for fun that make the trails all but impassable. You spend more time trying to get around mud holes than actually riding. The only solution I could see is a state law that allows big ol tickets so they can afford to have someone patrol and have the position pay for it's self. I hate tickets, but in this case I'm all for it.
  15. That's part of the problem. Everyone wants and expects them to be dirt cheap but then fusses when there is no quality. China can make quality but its going to cost you. Especially since what a lot of people consider quality involves using third party parts like shocks, forks, brakes, etc... Those things aren't any cheaper for them to buy. I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying thats the what holds them back. The expectation of super cheap with the double edged judgement against the quality. If they built something Japanese quality it could be a little cheaper due to labor cost, but not the kind of cheap people expect.