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  1. Thanks guys I drilled through it with a 6.5mm, this gave it just enough room to get through and screw in
  2. Hi Guys, Another dumb questions from me. I really hope this is the last one... I ordered the extended screw, link below http://shop.thumpertalk.com/product_p/int_kientech_fcrfms.htm The screw will not get through the float bowl, it appears to get stuck.. Do i need to make the hole bigger for it to get through? I only thought this was for the really old carbies.. Pic below thanks in advance!!! Jimbo Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. The JD kit i bought was specific for the DRZ400 s/sm with the Keihn FCR MX39MM.
  4. I have looked at the spreadsheet but none of the entries have my exact setup.... People have mentioned they have a larger 400cc displacement... or is that not relevant? thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I have searched the forums high and low, but i was unable to locate my exact setup to match the JD setting. I have installed the ssw/mrd. Now that i have the carb out of the engine bay i decided to order the JD jetting kit and the kientech extended screw. my setup 2005 DRZSM FCR39MX ssw/mrd 3x3 K&N air filter elevation is sealevel to 2000ft, temps of 5 degrees to 40 degrees suggested settings 160 main jet (JD) blue needle 3rd clip fuel screw 2 turns thick JD O ring remove pilot air jet pilot jet 42 (JD) Any suggestions to alter the above settup? thanks, Jimbo
  6. Thanks again Moterreal JDS005 JD Jet Kit Suzuki DRZ400S/SM (00-09), DRZ400E (Calif. 00-09) - Kaw KLX400SR (03-04) - Mikuni Carb $75.95 $72.15 JDS010 JD Jet Kit Suzuki DRZ400S/SM with Keihin FCR MX 39mm Carb Conversion $75.95 $72.15 I assume my carb is the 39mm? How can i confirm? Edit: Yeah the Keihin, i did a google search. Thanks again, your a champ!
  7. Hi, Can someone confirm that I in fact don't have the the JD kit installed by the previous owner? I'm quite sure its the FCR39, previous owner told me it was. I'm keen to order the kit asap, and get the Kientech fuel screws. Thanks, Matt
  8. I managed to remove the carbie in one piece, I was quite chuffed! I had a closer look at the idle lever, the black knob i was using to turn it is well and truly stuffed! The screw was all the way out, so that's why i was having issues with my idle. With the assistance of some pryers, i was able to screw it in. So in future i should be able to alter the idle via a set of pryers. I removed both the top and bottom of the carbie, and it really looks quite clean. Would i be correct in saying a jetting kit was never added to this carbie? Could this be a reason why i had issues with my bike spluttering initially? Where is the sub tank that everyone talks about cleaning out? As a side note, I have a SSW/MRD on its way in the mail, so i assume i will need to get a JD Jet Kit. Thanks in advance!
  9. My DRZ has the larger FCR39 carbie. I believe the previous owner rejetted it with a kit, is there a way i can work out if he did? What am I looking for when cleaning it? What parts should i be taking off?
  10. Thanks heaps Moterral! I think i should be able to remove the carb with your explanation. Does anyone have a diagram of what i should be cleaning once i have the carb out? I really have no idea what i'm doing. I went and bought some carb cleaner and compressed air. So i clean the jets with the compressed air? some people have been talking about a sub tank??
  11. Hi, Heads up, i'm a fairly big motorbike n00b. I own a 2005 DRZ400SM. Bike ran perfectly for the last few years. Two weeks ago I was caught in a massive storm, water all over the roads. The bike lasted for 10km, but the last 10km it would splutter and stall. I tried clearing out the engine with some sort bursts of the throttle, however that failed. Two weeks later I tried riding it to a mates, the bike skipped, and eventually stalled at low rpm. I took it home.I changed the oil and oil filter. Then i just tried running it and clearing out the system via opening the throttle. I noticed when i pull the choke out.. it would bog down and cut the engine! I then fiddled with the black idle knob. Now the bike won't even start for me unless i have the throttle open. I played with the black idle knob too much and have no idea where it should sit... I have searched the forums for hours. I'm thinking the jets are clogged, and the carbie has dirt and water in it. I think i need to take out the carbie, clean out the jets? I can't seem to find a decent walk-through for it. I know what the carbie is, but that's about it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, Jimbo
  12. I went and checked the size of each bolt... they are all exactly the same length. I'm feeling very unlucky. The same size bolt on the right side has not pierced the tank, they both have the same size washer too.
  13. I'll run it past the local bike mechanic and see if he can possible patch it up. cheers dudes
  14. They are pro bolt. cheers
  15. Thanks for your reply Noble. Yes its the stock metal tank To me its a design flaw. Have a look at where the bolts go in to secure the front plastics. Directly underneath that, on the surface of the tank, there is a weak spot. Why would they do that? They are aluminum bolts, there is no way you could screw them through any other part of the tank. Thanks for the ideas on how to fix it.