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    Freeride 250r Stalling, hard start?

    Hey All I looked around and couldn't find anything for my specific issue so.... Recently bought a Freeride 250R and love the bike. Im a smaller guy and ride in some pretty tough trails most of the time up in Squamish BC so the bike is pretty near perfect. Last weekend I was riding in a different area between 2500-4000 ft at around 10 degrees C. The bike would regularily bog when I opened the throttle then stall completely. I would hit the starter and try different throttle positions and it just would not start. Finally if I pulled the choke it would start up. I am not 100% sure but it seems to happen more after long descents where I would be coasting in a low gear. I should apologize since my last few bikes were FI 4 strokes so I'm not a carb expert at all. That being said, I read the manual and the carb settings list the same for 0-500ft and 2500-5000ft. Thanks in advance for any help you can lend.