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  1. motox24mike

    Best pitbike engine - eg: Lifan .. etc

    I have the Honda crf 50 and i have a chinese crf50 clone with a Lifan 125 motor and a Wildfire crf50 clone and the lifan is awesome for power and sound but its hard to get in neutral. The wildfire has an all down shirt pattern and it is fast but confusing. The honda has had been rode hard for 5 years and it is bullet proof, I have never had a single problem with it.You get what you pay for so I would recomend the honda with a big bore kit.The problem i have with the big valve head is the front tire hits the front of the head when jumping and braking hard.
  2. motox24mike

    Pit bike with 125 lifan and 14 front

    I have a crf 50 style pitbike and it has a 14 inch front on it. The problem with it is the tire hits the motor when it is jumped or hits big bumps. it has the upside down forks on it also. any one ever have this problem with this bike. I see them all the time on ebay with the blue forks and blue rims but i dont know anyone that has one besides me. I dont really want to go with a smaller tire.