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  1. golfnutracing

    07' 250 FMF fatty

    Jetting is perfect, just the pipe characteristic i guess.
  2. golfnutracing

    07' 250 FMF fatty

    I was lucky enough to score a FMF fatty (gold series) and one of the long shorty mufflers (the one with 2 hangers) for very little off ebay. Most of my riding is tight rough single track, and i absolutely hate the fatty for it. It has given a huge low/mid range, and killed the top end. The big low makes it real tricky to ride in the rough stuff (me being an average rider) On open tracks or sand it is amazing, a real animal, for enduro stuff........forget it! I think i will be putting the stock pipe back on (even tho it has a big ding in it)
  3. golfnutracing

    Making a MX bike trail worthy

    I believe the motocrossers are excellent for trail riding, suspension is not perfect but there is a lot of adjustment and for the money you can live with it. Hand guards are a must, for extra fuel i strap a 1.5Ltr water bottle to my front fender, and a sprocket change will help you ride it without getting so exhausted. IMHO You don't need all the flash bits on the bike, spend the money looking after yourself first and foremost.
  4. golfnutracing

    trail setup for yz250?

    What is the idea behind running 18" rear for enduro setup? I thought the 19 would help you when hitting big holes/washouts/rocks
  5. golfnutracing

    trail setup for yz250?

    I have actually found going a smaller rear sprocket (48t, 50t standard) has made my 07 yz250 a lot quicker through the woods, It gets a lot better traction now which is helping acceleration a lot and is better on fuel on the commutes between single track. It does make you a lot harder on the clutch, but is much better on tires.
  6. golfnutracing

    Tuning with a wideband 02 sensor

    Is it possible to tune with WB02 on a 2 stroke? and where would be a good sensor location?