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  1. 07 Sm with 5,138 on it
  2. Wrapped my forguards, brake resevior and headlight with vinyl CF. Also bought some new rubber, getting it street ready!
  3. Picture was taken two years ago before I moved.... Just recently got it up and running and are putting it back on the road!
  4. I always wondered this...
  5. My bike is pretty much bone stock just a 3x3, jet kit and slip on exhaust. Gearing is also stock I can wheelie the hell out of it, just depends on technique. If you stand on the seat or rear pegs you can clutch it up in 3rd. Thats me on stock gearing.
  6. I have a WD40 spray lube I bought from lowes that lasts longer than the actual Chain lube I purchased from the Suzuki dealer out here...
  7. All is good and well in DRZ country! Throttle is fixed and she runs like a dream!! After she takes a bath ill post pics Tommorow!! Thank u everyone who contributed to my thread!
  8. Looks to be that my cables are fine, pulled them and theres no restriction. Next problem is my bike Idles too high. Im guessing from the mountains in PA to the desert in CA theres a bit of an elevation difference. But it seems the moron who my dad let try and fix the bike stripped my air fuel screw. So carb has to come back out for a third time to get this screw out and go to lowes and purchase another.... Is this the only reason my bike would idle high? Jets are clean, pulled them both out and sprayed the hell out of them. the bowl on the bottom has been cleaned out. I also pulled the top runner housing and sprayed the needle that goes through the middle. There was a bunch of gunk there, anything else I should look at?
  9. Movie looks sick haha
  10. Perfect thank you, will do when i get home.
  11. Figured that, I'll try loosening them again and go from there. And loosening would be the top nut at the top of the threads? Thats what was confusing me before, my apologies on any confusion.
  12. Whole bike is apart.... going to polish the plastics, exhaust and swing arm. 2 years of sitting left it very nasty :-(
  13. Well thank you, I think theres more to it than that my bike has been sitting for 2.5 years im trying to work out the kinks. I'm sure i'll get it worked out I just want to verify the cables are not reversed.
  14. Thanks for the reply, I sprayed a Lubricant into the rubber housing and the bottom and top. The thing it it was working before and I know the cables are in the rite place (from the elbow being the pull). I just need to see another picture of one that is functional and I can work based off that. Normally I try to fix what I have but If the parts are cheap I dont see it being a big deal, im just waiting on a price from the dealer and also hoping someone posts a picture of theres.
  15. I may just buy some new ones, calling around to try and find some.