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  1. I have been shutting my petcock off for the last few minutes of my rides for the past 6yrs with the same bike. I have never had an issue with the carb. Prior to winter hibernation I run the carb dry and then remove the bottom bolt on the carb bowl to make sure its empty (a little still comes out). No gas leaks when hauling but it may take a few more kicks when starting to get the gas flowing through. After 6 yrs with the same bike and driving at least an hour each way to ride I have experienced zero issues (knock on wood). Cheers!
  2. Wondering what is the smallest utility trailer that will comfortably haul 4 full size bikes? I am currently moving my boy's bikes 150s (2) and a 70 (1) with my truck but that means my bike stays home. They grow so fast that I want to get the right trailer the first time. My DD is an F150 so no problem towing and all personal gear can be put in the bed. I don't want a trailer that is in excess as I need to move it by hand across the front yard to hide it away behind some trees/bushes as the driveway won't accommodate it. I thought I had read on the forum that 4 would fit on a 5x10 utility with 2 forward and 2 reversed (front wheels against ramp). Someone today said they had tried that with 450's and they did not fit. I don't mind if things are tight but I don't want the bikes rubbing. Pic's would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
  3. I have a F150 with 5.5ft bed I use to haul 2 bikes when I ride with a friend. My boy's (3 of them) ride and are almost big enough to take on day trips I am wondering if anyone has been able to get 4 full sized bikes on a 5 x 10 utility trailer or do I need bigger? Storage is tight at my house and bikes are currently ridden/stored at a family cabin. thanks Edit: found a thread discussing this already. Thanks
  4. Fall down on purpose???? I drink and therefore fall down..... The hard part is getting back up!!!!
  5. Do it. I would loosen the spark plug wire and that way it won't be ridden too hard...
  6. I own/ride 2 bikes. An '08 KTM 250 xcw and an '08 KTM 250 xcf. I like the price point and I can have a back up bike so I don't miss a ride if I have mechanical issues. Can lend one to friends as well enjoy 2st vs 4st.
  7. I ride with them and prefer the wrap around. They have saved my fingers many times. I don't do big jumps but like to dance with trees.
  8. Mandryk

    Spoke skins

    Or hair mousse in the tires like the pro's.... If you like it, then run it. I enjoy seeing different bike setups and it's all good for the industry.
  9. Mandryk

    What Bike Do You Ride?

    2008 KTM 250 xcw
  10. Mandryk

    Winterizing Dirt bikes

    I drain the carb and tank. Spray fogging oil thru spark plug hole (gently move kickstart a few times over winter to move piston). Un hook battery and put it on a tender. I put the bike on a dirt bike stand (easier for working on as well). This is in addition to the cleaning and oil change you mentioned. I wish I could ride all winter but -40 is too cold for me. Cheers!
  11. Mandryk

    MX Lock-N-Load

    Are you happy with the system, ie would you buy it all over again? Do the front wheels move at all during transport? Thanks from Oakville.
  12. I bot a roll of Vinyl flooring from Costco. I blv this is the Co that makes it. http://www.bltllc.com/blt_main.php It handles gas, oil with no troubles. and is not slippery when wet or cold as it is designed for a garage floor. When camping simly roll out a peice of cheap carpet over it. Have a good one.
  13. Mandryk

    250 xcw vs 300 xcw

    I have both bikes, albeit different years. I am not a racer nor am I a mechanic. However I find the 250 has a harder shorter pull whereas the 300 pulls far longer and smoother. Both lug fine but the 300 is closer to a 4 stroke for me. I can ride very technical (rocks, roots, etc) with both but find the 300 is more patient at lower rpms. If I ride my 300 vs friends on 250xcw's the 300 slowly pulls away on straightaways but really only when WFO. If I could choose one it would be the 300. I took mine to the desert this past february and it rocked. If you plan to spend any amount of time with your new purchase on a motocross track then I would weight more towards the 250. I weigh 200lbs so both needed heavier springs and if I lose respect both bikes let me know it. I agree a test drive with the prior post in that a 5min test drive will tell you all you need to know. I have found test drives are hard to get. Good luck.
  14. Mandryk

    E-Track Questions

    I have etrack running across the floor similar to 06YZ and then I have repositionable wheel chocks that fit into the etrack. They are not the cheapest but I like being able to have the wheels (one mounted forward and one back so the handlebars are offset) and then a 5.5" chock in the centre with bike rear facing. My trailer is a 6 x 12, then I load little bikes in front and back sideways. I bot mine off ebay...but maybe you could weld chock to cleats. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/3-5-Repositionable-Motorcycle-Wheel-Chock-Chrome-Chocks_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem45e5e1f6e1QQitemZ300209534689QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories A friend has an 8.5' x 20' trailer where we can load them sideways and really take a group ride. Too much trailer for me though. Good luck.