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  1. Trousersnake


    What is this that was stuck to my magnetic drain plug during my oil change.. plus there was quite a bit of metal on there. Bike runs starts and shifts pefect? what is this?
  2. Trousersnake

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    My 2nd 2006.
  3. Trousersnake

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    Did a quick half hour polish job on the frame and swing arm.. Going to bring it to a Chrome this week.. and Throw some new graphics on it.
  4. Trousersnake

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    Heres My New one..
  5. Trousersnake

    Question about my injury

    I witnesed it first hand.. I was the first one around the bend when He was hopping around on one foot.. no one thought it was going to be as bad as it was except Hellian and our buddy throwing up.. I popped a brand new tire with about 1 hour on it and had to ride about 15 miles on a flat.. Turned out to be a crappy day.. Worse for Hellian.. Luckly there growing him a new Toe on the back of Mouse as we speek.
  6. Trousersnake

    04 RM 250 rebuild(new pics pg. 3)

    DUDE MY Best friend Cut his big toe off yesterday.. He Hit a root system with his boot going about 40 through a trail his Boot folded it up and it was so stiff It cut his big toe off.. He had to ride 18 miles though this whooped out sand before he could get to the hospital.
  7. Trousersnake

    should i buy this 2006 kx250f

    Corners you wont be able to lug through, More foot and clutch work.. But I have no problem running down all my buddys 450's through the woods.. And Im gear for gear next to them on a dirt road.. Untill 5th they usually can top speed me, But I have a 13 tooth and 48 in the rear
  8. Trousersnake

    should i buy this 2006 kx250f

    Im faster on my 250f through the woods and it feels like im on a BMX rather then a MX bike.. Im fearless on it.. And Id hit things I wouldnt even attempt on the 450.. For some reason it just not as intimidating to open it up..
  9. Trousersnake

    should i buy this 2006 kx250f

    Dude your about 2000 mile's away. But Im not sure what your exchange rate is.. It seems like a good deal though. It wont be slow.. It will feel in between a 125 and 250 stroke is my guess.
  10. Trousersnake

    should i buy this 2006 kx250f

    Well my bike is just as fast as my old 2006 RMZ-450 w/exhaust.. But it has alot of work done to it.. Check out my post.. Id sell mine for 3,600
  11. Trousersnake

    My new bike.

    I think that white Frame sticker is what is making it look fat.. I didnt want to go the polished route.. to much up keep.. I Polished my old YZ450F and it was night mare to keep looking good. Plus I was afraid to ride it and would catch my self Trying way to hard to keep it clean I was going to do the RMZ But I didnt want to worry about it looking like a show peice rather then ride it.
  12. Trousersnake

    should i buy this 2006 kx250f

    It will be slower.. But you can make them around the same power if you have the coin.
  13. Trousersnake

    My new bike.

    Well Its probably around the same power as the 450 .. Just cant lug it into the corners like you can a 450.. Love the weight.. That puny 100/90/19 tire has to go.. Are you sure a 110/90/19 wont fit with the yosh exhaust.. I ride alot of sand and feel like I have a mountain bike tire on the back. I cant believe this Bike has a 4000 dollar Head.. What could pro circurt possibly do to a head to put that type of price tag on it.
  14. Trousersnake

    My new bike.

    Going to Leota Trail and Geels this weekend.. If anyone in michigan want to do some trail ridding.