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  1. losa

    stiffer springs plus?

    did you change the rear spring out yourself? Was it difficult? What were your costs associated with the rear suspension.
  2. losa

    My feet are going to be happy

    I have SG-10's and they are true to my shoe size. Not the case with AS or Fox. Gaerne boots are awesome.
  3. losa

    My ride Aug. 18th...

    Did you ride from squaw peak over to hobble creek? I rode up squaw to rock creek camprgound on Friday and thought about going all the way over to hobble. Riding on the 18th? Did you have any issues with the fire in hobble creek canyon?
  4. So I've recently been out on some longer rides and went to gas up before a ride on Sat. As I come to a stop at the pay station at the canyon, my bike backfires and dies. I pull over and find that I lost my fuel screw to the wind somewhere. So I head back home to the gas station, look around at the nearest stop light and find the screw in great shape...lucky for me. So I pull my old hashed carb, pull out the stock fuel screw and spring and reinstall the spring and extended fuel screw all the way in, 2.5 turns out. On my way to work this morning, 6 stop lights, idling and stopping fine. Last stop light, backfire and die... Pull into the office and no fuel screw... Did I install it incorrectly? Is the spring supposed to be in there? Recommendations? Should I put the stock fuel screw in with a new spring? Should I get another extended fuel screw and apply some blue loctite? The bike idles and runs perfectly at 2.5 turns backed out. Any insight as to why this is happening? As always, thanks in advance.
  5. losa

    FCR Carbs in stock now! Less than 10 left

    Any of the 47 of you that have one want to sell your old mikuni carb? My broken pilot jet fiasco is over and I need a new carb and am not ready to drop the $560. PM me and we can work out a deal.
  6. losa

    Broken Pilot Jet w/pics

    HD may be hardly dependable, but the local timpanogos HD service guys saved me a new carb. I took it to a machine shop and they didn't have a small enough extractor. Was headed to the dealer and thought about the recommendation to pick the jet up at HD. Tried the service desk, and the guys spent 20 minutes on it, and pulled the old broken jet out. Didn't charge me for it, and I ordered the #25 jet for $3.15. Wouldn't have even considered them, and they were the most economic resource. Thanks for the recommendation.
  7. losa

    Broken Pilot Jet w/pics

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated advice. I'll let you know the outcome.
  8. losa

    Broken Pilot Jet w/pics

    HD being?
  9. losa

    Broken Pilot Jet w/pics

    Kit was JD Jetting Kit for stock Mikuni carb. I'm in SLC Utah at 4500 ft.
  10. losa

    Broken Pilot Jet w/pics

    First off, TT Tremendous resource and great network. Spent hours researching and finally bought completely stock 06 DRZ400S from a bank repo with less than 600 miles. $2900. I love the bike and have added new bars, handnguards, and started the 3X3 mod tonight. While I've cleaned out several carbs, this is my first jetting event. Got to swapping out the 22.5 stock pilot jet, and when putting in the new 25 pilot, to much pressure and the thin brass just twisted off. I tried to get out the broken end for an hour and a half, ended up drilling out with 3/32 bit, but some metal is still inside. now questions: 1 - how do I get the rest of the broken pilot out? If I can't do I have to buy a completely new carb? 2 - assuming I can get it out, should I put the stock jet in? If not, why? Can I purchase just the 25 pilot jet without the whole kit? Your expertise and comments are appreciated. Sorry my first post is a lame noob.
  11. losa

    Cycra Probend or Probend CRM

    I just put on the CRM's as I'm 6'4" and have the windham bend PT and Moose 50mm risers. A great option without bending the triple clamp type. Install looks great.