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  1. Hi all, I am looking some advice on a new bike. currently have a 08 ktm 250sxf with semi-factory suspension which i have enjoyed riding in the vets class. thinking of a change to either a 2010 ktm 250sxf or a 2010 honda crf! hearing great reports on the 2010 honda and all the changes but i think my riding style is suited to the KTM? any thoughts thanks all
  2. flour46

    gearing for 2008 ktm 250sxf

    not much at 46 (writing error) i meant 50 thanks for the advice
  3. hi all, anyone know a good gearing set up for a 08 250f? i run 48 on the back and i feel that my bike is always screaming. thinking of running 46 on the rear! would this make a huge difference. or would any other modification make a difference cheers