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  1. SteelGP

    XR80 motard setup

    The BBR spring will only work on a 100 shock. The 80 shock has a shorter spring than the 100.
  2. SteelGP

    XR80 motard setup

    The 14/16 setup is a tough one. There are some scooter tires you could use. Try the Avon Viper Stryke in 120/70/14 on the rear and I believe 100/90/16 up front.
  3. SteelGP

    Proper way to check XR200 oil?

    A quart is 946ml, so you are putting in 54ml less than 1 litre. So, you might be slightly underfilling.
  4. SteelGP

    1986 XR100 fouling plugs

    What plug are you running? Someone may have substituted a colder plug, which will prevent the carbon from burning off while the engine is running.
  5. SteelGP

    street tires for xr 80??????

    Try American Motorcycle Tire.
  6. SteelGP

    street tires for xr 80??????

    The best/cheapest bet would be Avon Viper Stryke scooter tires,100/80/16 front and 120/80/14 rear. I have seen a few guys running them.