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  1. The BBR spring will only work on a 100 shock. The 80 shock has a shorter spring than the 100.
  2. The 14/16 setup is a tough one. There are some scooter tires you could use. Try the Avon Viper Stryke in 120/70/14 on the rear and I believe 100/90/16 up front.
  3. A quart is 946ml, so you are putting in 54ml less than 1 litre. So, you might be slightly underfilling.
  4. What plug are you running? Someone may have substituted a colder plug, which will prevent the carbon from burning off while the engine is running.
  5. Try American Motorcycle Tire.
  6. The best/cheapest bet would be Avon Viper Stryke scooter tires,100/80/16 front and 120/80/14 rear. I have seen a few guys running them.