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  1. I just purchased an '85 Honda XL600R California Model. It is missing: carbon canister, PCV, Breather Separator - so I have a bunch of disconnected emission hoses coming out of everywhere. I don't care as much about making it original "California" as I do about fixing the hose situation so the bike PERFORMS as good as it can. What do I do? I was thinking about plugging them all up but am not sure if there needs to be a vacuum in some of them (as in the case of the carbs. having to emissions hoses apiece) Any help on this is appreciated. Also, is there anything else a person can do to modify their California model to make it similar to the other 49 states? Bigger main jets in the carbs perhaps? I am afraid the CA model is perhaps engineered to be a bit wimpier via "cleaner running" than the other states..Is this true? And if so, what can be done about it?