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  1. Can anyone email me the repair manual for fore mentioned model Many Thanks Jimmy
  2. I have vapours from crankcase breather oil level is ok ... can you clean the breather
  3. Jimmy 1RTR

    Please Help, 06 RMZ250 backfire

    i had the same i adjusted the pilot jet at the bottom of the carb there is an adjuster screw, wind it all the way in and then out half a turn at a time try after each turn to see if it is ant better. it should be 2 and 1/4 turns
  4. Jimmy 1RTR

    RMZ 250 smoking

    bike has blue ish smoke out of exhaust new piston and rings 10 hours done on them.. new valve stem seals, valves, and valve seats re cut just.. any clues what else could be wrong
  5. Jimmy 1RTR

    04 RMZ pipe red hot

    yep normal for rmz's
  6. Jimmy 1RTR

    04 rmz 250 hard start and pops

    go for titanium valves #
  7. Jimmy 1RTR

    valve clearance question

    you can buy a complete set of shims listed as hotcams 7.48 normally about £70 to £80 124usd may cheaper US start from 1.20 to 3.50 increment of .5 (3 of each size) http://www.motoxmatrix.co.uk/hotcams-valve-shim-kit-748-5829-p.asp
  8. Jimmy 1RTR

    Hard Starting 06 RMZ

    does it back fire when you wind the throttle as well if so the screw at the bottom of carb (pilot jet) you may have to tweek to your bikes liking start off fully in an then wind out turn by turn
  9. Jimmy 1RTR

    04 RMZ250 newbie

    If they are the original valves the left hand inlet tightens up re shim if it keeps doing it get some titanium valve hope it goes well
  10. Jimmy 1RTR

    04 RMZ Won't Start

    check your valve clearance especially left intake... i had this problem i had to keep shimming every 3 hours put new valves in now its ok.... Valve clearance: between cam and valve lifter tolerence listed below Standard: Exhaust 0.17 ∼ 0.22 mm (0.0067 ∼ 0.0087 in.) Inlet 0.10 ∼ 0.15 mm (0.0039 ∼ 0.0059 in.)
  11. Jimmy 1RTR

    rmz 250 04 backfires

    it runs fine on acceleration and tickover, power is how it shoud be but once you roll of the thottle it backfires any suggestions
  12. Jimmy 1RTR

    RMZ 250 RE Shim

    I keep having to re shim left inlet valve every 3 hours..... WHY and whats wrong
  13. need barrel replating any suggestions where In UK
  14. Jimmy 1RTR

    Rmz 250 04 Help it wont start

    put new piston and small end in timing is bang on even re shimmed all with in tolerences still no go !!!!!