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  1. Ya you know the it has the valves in it... it sits on top of the cylinder.
  2. I am getting my head revalved and was wondering some recommendations of a place that does good work and is affordable
  3. wdw199

    Valve clearance issue

    should i get exhaust valve kit then right away with the intake kit???
  4. wdw199

    Valve clearance issue

    Im running 135 shims which are currently to tight and 120 i don't think will even be enough clearance to get the .06 i need
  5. wdw199

    Valve clearance issue

    would u recommend not even bothering to shim it again??
  6. wdw199

    Valve clearance issue

    I have an 2005 crf450r that started hard earlier this summer and i found it to be the intake valve clearance was to tight. After this it started great but it progressively got worse again to the point of hundreds of kicks before it starts again. I checked the vavles and its the intake valves again... there to tight. What is making the valve clearance get to tight so fast??? thanks in advance for any help