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  1. sam351

    Glen Helen Bench Racing

    i dont have cable either, but wanna watch. I wish we atleast had the option to pay/subscribe online to the races to watch it for those that dont have cable or dish.
  2. sam351

    Monster Energy Cup Links

    Is this uploaded on the net anywhere?
  3. I have a song in my head. Can't remember if it was in supercross or motocross but I'm thinking of a song when that guy we dont see is saying stuff like "When we come back, get ready for moto 2, where riders like Kawasakis dean wilson, Justin Barcia, go bar bar here in (insert event here) " and it plays a cool rock song with a slow beat and is like a cord then a solo string or two in the next beat and keeps repeating that... any ideas??? Thanks! I uploaded this video of me playing it so you know what I'm talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH8Ix_Z9sbQ Watch
  4. sam351

    What's up with RacerX website?

    On firefox it's just black with blue text on the left side. On internet explorer it takes up half the screen with an ad and the rest is black. It's like this on my other PC too.
  5. sam351

    Will Outdoors be on TV this Year?

    Wonder if it's steaming on Alli Sports.
  6. sam351

    Supercross Daytona TV Schedule?

    Who's airing Daytona and when? thanks
  7. sam351

    Supercross nevermind

    Asked a question but then found the answer. Don't see a delete button. well might as well take use of this thread:
  8. sam351

    Anaheim 1 - What a joke

    What does that have to do with any thing. It's called supercross. Whoops are cool. Riders choose to race. They know what they are getting into when they go out there. The AMA does not have mind control devices on the riders. This is supercross not FMX, how did you come up with that idea? What whip competition? There was a supercross race, if they whipped it was because they chose to. Also, whips are not gay, they are cool, neither are "whip-a-thons". Also here's a tip. Try to enjoy life rather than complaining about things.
  9. sam351

    Suggestions for speed

    I agree with all those. And please if you don't want to get rid of ralph atleast tell him not to yell so loud and and say "OH OH MY GOD" every time he sees a "bobble".
  10. sam351

    Any ThumperTalkers going to INDY?

    I'm going. Do you guys know what are the best seats? I was guessing the 100 level on the sides... when i search in ticket master it doesn't find any 2 tickets (me and my bro) in that level. I'm thinking about calling them, can I just ask them on the phone if they have any 100 level tickets, just like that? (I know you can order on phone but I never have done it)
  11. sam351

    L&M is raceing 2012

    James twitters 1 hour ago: (js7James Stewart "Tony Alessi is my hero. That guy is 100% committed to winning")
  12. sam351

    MXON results for moto 1 and 2?

    thanks man
  13. for moto 1 and 2..... 3rd starts in about 45 minutes thanks. I can't find it on google, I am watching it but I did not start watching until moto 2 was ending.
  14. I missed it this year. Im interested in video for step up, whip, and freestyle. I'm talking about the whole length not highlight. If you know some links or have anything hit me up. Thanks.