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    Dirtbikes, snowmobiles, guns, and dirtbikes!

    Alpinestar boots

    Couldnt agree more... Im not allowed any FOX gear, Cuz ma-ma says its garbage... she is literally an expert on the subject. My 661 chest protector may have saved some ribs yesterday, and I am thinking of trying there boots... I have been happy with everything from 661 I ever owned. We'll see.

    exhaust issues...need imput

    Run it.... Titanium does that and it may also be a sign of a jetting issue... dont freak out over the jetting, as long as your tip isnt white and you are happy with how it runs you should be good. Is it Ti? I wouldnt paint it, but thats totally up to you.

    Crash stories...

    So the reason I thought of this as a thread is what happend yesterday at the Local track... MX207. I will make this as short as I can. There is a tight right with a short run into a good sized Double. Its a very unforgiving landing, and best to overshoot if not land it smooth. The track has some fresh beach sand laid out in certain areas (this being one of them) and a few of us were working on building an outer line in the sand. I came through hot with a local who is fast hot on my tail. I was more worried about keeping him behind me then the Double (as I have hit this jump more times then I can count) and swapped out all the way up the face. I knew I was in trouble, but I have taken bad bounces of this jump before and it just hurt a little... I basically landed on the skid plate, took a real bad bounce... legs behind, and face down on the seat I held on to her... Veered left and took out a section of fence. 4"X4" post after 4"X4" post and I finally stopped at the last one before the next corner. The guy behind me stopped and we figured I wasnt dead. I got on the bike, railed the rest of the track, and even ran another moto before it started to rain and I left. Today I can barely walk. Lol! I think I will skip practice tomorrow.

    Alpinestar boots

    My wife sells gear at the second largest Honda dealership in the US... she says out of those three the 7's are the way to go. They're not overly stiff, not having the booty is less restricting, and the price point is spot on for a boot you will be happy with for the long haul. She says if you have had any ankle injuries in the past the 10's are better, but they are real stiff and narrow. She says out of any boot on the market (and she sells them all) if cost were no issue she would go tech 7's. Thats her next set of boots. I run Tech 3's cuz I like to feel light, and agile. I ran through a set of soles, and A star replaced them free... I used my Tech 8's as my backup during this time and really the best thing about the 8's is that they are better protection, and more water resistant. The buckles def could be better, but since I put them on less and ride with them more I dont care. hope that helps.

    06 cr250r vs 06 yz250???

    I am a HONDA guy and it pains me to say this... but for that year I think the YZ is the way to go. The jetting on the CR's was so touchy, and it can be fixed, but it changes to much day to day and track to track. I have buddies who have 06' 07' and 08' YZ's and they are good bikes. the CR is also a good bike, but I think I would replace the carb (one of the solutions I know of) and that seems like a lame thing to do to your new (to you) bike when you just wanna ride it and get used to it. I think Brody Wilson from FMX East has an 06' in his collection. I will try and get ahold of him and see what he says about that issue.
  6. My cousin works on his Rally cars... I am gonna call him right now, I think they are on the road??? Thats pretty lame, this is the exact reason I know what the laws are about shooting people on my property! If someone grabs my bikes we might both go to jail... or at least me! Lol!

    Crash stories...

    In leu of my fence work at the local track today (LoL), and how some of the guys and I started trading stories about accidents after... I thought we should work on a thread about crash stories. The only thing I would ask is that you dont explain everything that happened that day from breakfast til bed, just the crash. This should be good!

    need suggestions on tires for crf450

    I been running Michelin's for the last year and a half. I have MH3 rear and S12 front... I am impressed. The MH3 is a hard terrain tire, but the knobs are deep and work well everywhere... since they are made for the harder terrain they wear like no other tire I have run. I just put a new one on yesterday and today the track was soft and fairly dry, with new sand they are laying down in the spots that are usually wet. It was perfect... And the rocks dont chunk em' at all. The S12 front seems to wear at the same rate, and gives you some bite in the softer stuff. Sounds like I ride the same stuff you do, just keep in mind that ripping woods can be hard on any tire due to rocks and things of that nature. I have used mostly Dunlops in the past, and liked them but they dont last. If you want a tire that stays fresh for a while I would give this a try. they arent the cheapest, but they outlast the tubes! Lol... I think its work the lil bit of extra $. I ran a 120 once and felt less nimble... the 110 is a good match for the stock rim, and it gives you the best profile for cornering. I think if you were gonna run less pressure in them on soft terrain most of the tiime a 120 might be something to look at... otherwise I would stick to a 110 rear. Also you would be unhappy with the 120 in the woods... it deflects off rocks a lot more then the 110, even though its not a huge size change.

    CRF250x 04/05 Purchase or 06

    That pic looked like someone at least my hight (6'2") had set the seat foam up for their riding position... I take it you took that extra pad off? I bet thats the difference right there. If your tipping over, then F being a tough guy and get a lowering link or whatever you need to make it better. Tipping over (especially when your already tired) is so crappy... I think that as you progress in your riding you'll find that your more nimble and confident even on tough sections, and the tipping goes away (pretty much). As long as your having fun, it will pan out... I promise you that!

    Big Grease Up

    I agree... If your bearings and grease smell like old riding boots when you start taking them apart, you are someone who should check your bearings often... mostly swing-arm and shock linkage, as they arent sealed like most wheel bearings... But that being said, I like to re-pack my wheel bearing seals to keep out the water and sand even if its not getting to the bearings themselves. Does that make sense? Again, my bearings tend to last a long time (except lower shock).

    EXHAUST!!! I have good news!

    SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! That is Awsome! As for the posers, I agree... 1000 bills for a piece of plumbing is rediculous, and even though I am not broke... I refuse to pay that much for some loud noises. Yesterday at the track, my pipe was getting "eye F*$#ed" by a lot of people when I got back from some laps. I tell them all to toss the Bling and buy a real product and most of them dont believe what I paid.... After the Wifes Motor is back together and running, I am MRDing it!

    Big Grease Up

    I would recommend the Moly Grease... Honda makes a tube thats kinda pricey, but I can attest to the "No wear" Characteristics it has. A cheaper way to achieve the same type of super protections would be to go to AutoZone, and get the tube of Ford/Mercury Moly fortified grease. You get a lot more and I think its about as good... Lots of clean rags as well... dirt and new grease arent any better then dirty old grease. Moly is the balz though... I have some original bearings in my 07' that have been through the ringer, I really mean that... and most are as good as new. I usually do them about twice a year for real, and the wheels and shock linkage any time I have it apart. I also ride Snowmobiles about half the year, so maybe more if you ride all year. If you are smart enough to use this site then you can do this right. You will know when a bearing should be replaced instead of cleaned and greased, but the more you take care of em' the longer they last... Period.

    CRF250x 04/05 Purchase or 06

    I am wondering what you need your feet on the ground for? Do you have trouble starting it due to the hight? My wife, SaTaNz AnGeL, does great and she is just a little thing... I was all set to get her suspension lowered and all that, she said dont waste the money, so I am building her a new motor. I say rip it, get use to the hight, and spend the money on proper maint.

    First time on a MX track, I'm a trail rider....

    Oh, and I bought you a book for when you get back! Its about how to ride MOTOcross...Lol