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  1. Most of the suzuki parts sellers www.cycleparts.com have a parts diagram on the web. You will need a tamperproof screwdriver head to remove the plastic slide hosing. It also helps to have a japanese standard screwdriver for removing the screws as they are not a standard US configuration. Be very careful removing the jets as they seem to all be very tight. One thing you need to check is that the diaphram is not perforated - it will cause the running conditions you describe.
  2. Ok, This is the first Suzuki we have owned and is a great bike BUT if the battery dies it would be nice to be able to kick it. Rolling is OK but there is a socket in the side of the case for it - cant find them listed anywhere though...
  3. how much for engine - complete? or will the top end fit a 125 se?
  4. Thanks - it is now running
  5. Hi, Just reassembled a basket case 1995 dr 125 - so how do the carburator fuel lines attach? it looks like the one on the choke side is the fuel from the tank infeed and the beaded hose spud on the other side is the overflow? There is also a straight brass tube that looks like a vent on the other side too. any help would be appreceated.....
  6. Finally assembling the carb onto the bike after putting it togather. Can anybody tell me what hose goes where? the bike was a frame and several 5 gallon buckets of parts when I bought it. There are three connections as I see it - the one on the side of the choke seems to be most likely the infeed from the tank and there are two spuds on the other side - a beaded one and a straight brass tube toward the back.