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  1. The bottom Of the piston itself? The skirt?
  2. The chunks are aluminum, magnet won't pick em up
  3. Went to bed after I pulled the cover, just wanted to share what was found to see if it could be anything non clutch related. And if anyone knew what to look for and/or what causes this.
  4. Found some shavings in my oil filter in this 05 I'm trying to resurrect. So I removed the clutch cover to inspect and I see this. Clutch was sticking when I took it on a test ride.
  5. Big thanks to William For stepping it up in this thread
  6. Brand new wiseco crank and cylinder kit, we're just installed. Guess my partner did the valves too tight. Exhaust is in spec Intake is tight.
  7. Alright man explains why could get a .26mm in the exhaust when really .20 had some drag but I kept going up till I couldn't fit one under it period! The intake no matter how hard I couldn't get the lowest .10mm under them. So I thought, "hey maybe I'm not at tdc correct and I'm getting a false reading." So had to confirm with guys on here before proceeding. Hopefully should fix the hard starting I'm experiencing. Having to kick it 20 times cold start.
  8. This helps man, and I have that problem over complicating, just like to do stuff correct n precise. So basically you can shove a gauge in there that's too big but it's a false reading, you're looking for one that has some drag to it?
  9. Alright thanks, but all 3 intakes I can't get the .10mm under them but with good force I can but that don't feel right to me. So my intakes are definitely too tight, which makes sense why my bike was hard to start.
  10. I want to make sure I'm getting the proper measurements for the valve clearances. First I want to make sure I'm at tdc. Also when sliding in the feelers, should I have to push em in hard or not? For example, a .22mm will not fit between the lobe and bucket just barely sticking it in, but it'll slide easy if I just give it a little force. Please help, my exhaust were way too loose but I lined up the fly wheel mark "I" with the notch and my exhaust were in spec. So I know tdc is crutial.
  11. Honda

    heres my 400 for now... and me riding a little on it....
  12. thanks and yes they work out good for me..
  13. I'm new to this forum and figured I'd post pics of my 400. New PEP shock for the rear on its way too....