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  1. Any yeys or neys before I go to bed? I got an appointment with the seller tomorrow.
  2. I'm buying a first "real" dirt bike (I've always had beaters like an old ass dual-sport that is as old as me.) Anyways I've been looking all over GA but couldn't find anything worth driving to for the price. But today I found a 2004 KX125 for 1900$ (can talk the dude down to maybe 1800$) I've been looking all over classified sites (ebay,craigslist,etc) within a 2-3 hour radius of where I'm located (Ft.Stewart) and this is all I could find for under 2000$; which is all I'm willing to spend. So I kind of need an outside opinion on the deal. I've been hounding my buddies with so many bikes I should by they're sick of it so now their telling me to buy pretty much anything. Thank you in advance. Anyways here is the guys post, I'll add some pics too.