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  1. Iam currently looking at buying a 2010 250 xc. I am wanting to know if you can remove the electric start cover and replace it with an 09 cover with no electric start. also remove the battery and associated wiring. Is there ant difference in subframes between the two where the battery mounts or does all this stuff just unbolt
  2. slowfe

    Clutch overheating

    I would say you probably need a new clutch basket. Have you tried bleeding the clutch? When I did the clutch on my 07 200 I had to buy a new basket as it was grooved all to hell and the clutch would drag on mine also.
  3. slowfe

    Top end knock/noise. bad cam chain? Video inside

    also the clutch will make a knocking noise at idle, pull the clutch lever in when its idling and see if the noise goes away. The knocking noise from the clutch is normal
  4. slowfe

    Top end knock/noise. bad cam chain? Video inside

    I would go for the manual cam chain tensioner sold here on tt. I have one and is a top notch product. Do all the lock tite fixes and go ride. These motors are notorious for being noisy when they get some miles on them. My buddy has one with 1800 miles and it is still somewhat quiet, mine has 9500 on it now and sounds like a sewing machine maybe a little worse, It bothered me for a while cause im very ocd about stuff. But i just learned to deal with it. Keep clean oil in it and change it every 1,000 miles. Start to worry when it quits making noise that means something just broke. LOL. very dependable bikes.
  5. slowfe

    A 2001 DRZ 400S Mechanical Odyssey

    I would be kinda worried about the part where you said the guide was slid out of the head and you pressed it back in. Usually when that happens it takes some of the aluminium with it and over time will slide back out of the head. correct me if im wrong guys!!!!
  6. slowfe

    Top end knock/noise. bad cam chain? Video inside

    It sounds pretty normal to me. Mine sounds like that, only when its warmed up and the oil is thinned out does it start being noisy. I think mainly what your hearing is the piston slap, due to having a short skirt design. But you its hard to tell watching a video the camera picks up every little bit of noise
  7. slowfe

    Better shifter for 07 200xc-w

    I have the torc1 racing shifter on my bike and like it they have a lot of interchangeable tips. They are only 24.95, and they come in orange. They also have a foot brake lever that has replaceable teeth and comes with a brake snake. They are 99 bucks. I couldnt pass it up for the price compared to hammerhead and the factory one. Look up on there website, so far they have been good.
  8. slowfe

    Drz smoking??????

    Theres so little smoke that its hard to tell what color. But when coolant is burning it has a distinct smell to it. This has a slight oil smell, I did find some oil in the breather box and in the lines coming from the valve cover and the one going back into the cylinder. Has anyone ever had this problem after doing wheelies, im wondering if thats what it is from. I did also find some oil residue in the line going into the air boot but not a whole lot.
  9. slowfe

    Drz smoking??????

    I just noticed it today, I got home after a ride and let the bike idle for a few seconds, blipped the throttle kinda hard and seen some white smoke. I thought that was kinda wierd. I then hit the throttle again and no smoke so I let it Idle for a good minute and blipped the throttle kinda hard and it blew out white smoke again. Its deffinitely oil burning not coolant. I have 9,000 miles on the bike, what do you guys think is it time for a new piston and rings or is this fairly normal. It doesnt do it while riding and its not a lot of smoke but is noticeable, and I do ride the bike like a hooligan but change oil every 1,000 miles, any help is appreciated
  10. slowfe

    DNA Wheels! Suck? we will see.... pink hubs!

    You may be right in that aspect but, I think were already to far in the hole to make any difference. Its just not us consumers that is the problem with buying shit from china. Hell china owns 50% of america. I myself take pride in buying USA made equipment so dont knock on me there.
  11. slowfe

    3 CR250's brand new!?!?

    LOT ROT!!!!!!! Those bikes have been sitting so long I could only imagine the problems that would arise after a weekend of riding. They are new for sure but thats not always a good thing
  12. slowfe

    DNA Wheels! Suck? we will see.... pink hubs!

    I bought a set of DNA supermoto wheels for my 2007 crf450r that put out damn near 60 hp to the tire. The only thing I have had to do is tighten the spokes on the rear one time, So far the wheels have been perfect. I have had them on there for over 7 months and have put them through the ringer. The anodizing does seem a little weak but they havent faded at all. So I guess you could say is iam a pretty satisfied customer. I know there is stories out there that say otherwise but thats with any part out there. What isnt made in china anymore??????????? There is no need to get all pissy about everybodys comments if you didnt want to hear shit you shouldnt have posted. I weigh 140 pounds so who is the fat ass now??
  13. slowfe

    2007 250xcw - Can't get lights working

    there is really nothing you can due about it dimming at idle due to the AC voltage since the voltage varys so much at different rpms and due to the fact that it doesnt have a battery wich means no real steady voltage. Mine ranges from 9 to 10 at idle right off idle shoots up to around 32 volts. Make sure your voltage regulator is working correctly
  14. slowfe

    2007 250xcw - Can't get lights working

    Are you checking for DC voltage or AC voltage. The stators put out AC voltage. So if your checking for DC you will see nothing, flip your your multimeter over to AC and see what you have.
  15. slowfe

    150sx cylinder help?!

    Most cylinders are nikasil plated now a days, so you can bore it and have it replated, or you can have it sleeved, then when it wears out you can just have it bored and honed again. I personally would just have it replated, if you keep fresh pistons in it nikasil will last a long time, and a plated cylinder from what I hear makes more power and has better wear propertys than a sleeved cylinder because the nikasil is harder then the steel liner and smoother. Technically the answer your question is yes and yes. If it didnt gouge the cylinnder to bad then you just need it replated and you wont have to have it bored and then replated. Hope this helps.