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  1. bikerbabe6

    no championship for suzuki

    How was my posting a spoiler? I just give you enough info to make you curious and you clicked the link.
  2. bikerbabe6

    Supercross no championship for suzuki

    Dungy, Stroupe,or both? Find out more here http://www.racerxonline.com/article/houston-practice-report.aspx
  3. bikerbabe6

    Going 2 stroke?? Or not?

    If you are wanting to become a faster & better mx rider I personally think the 125 is the weapon of choice. The 125 is a blast to ride (keep the throttle pinned and use the clutch) and will help you to learn how to keep your momentum through a corner to clear larger obstacles because you can't get lazy and roll up to a large jump and blip the throttle at the last second to clear it like a bigger cc bike and therefore your corner speed will increase. The 125 will require a few more rerings than a 250 but the cost is fairly inexpensive if you can do it yourself. Corner speed wins races. Every pro does all the jumps on a sx or mx, unless you can scrub like James Stewart everybody hits the jumps at pretty much the same speed. The lap time difference is in how late they brake and how much speed they can keep going through a corner. Big cc bikes can teach riders bad habits. I think all riders need to spend a little more time on the smaller cc bikes and when the bike is holding back there lap times then step up to a larger bike. If the 125 won't handle your weight and you want a smaller bore bike maybe you should consider looking at the KTM's. They offer a few different choices of cc's two stroke bikes and I can say personally that the dependabilty and power is the best you will find on a bike. For more info or questions on KTM's go to ktmtalk.com
  4. bikerbabe6

    2-stroke compared to 4-sroke

    The answer to your question is yes, but stay on a two stroke !!!!
  5. bikerbabe6

    Any Tire Guys In Here???

    I Have ran 100/90-19 on my 125 when the track is rutted Will you let us in on where to purchase new tires for $20
  6. pro-action revalved my bike which is a 2003 ktm 250sx and they recomend 375cc of 5 weight oil for my bike- is the 375cc of fork oil a combined total or is that 375cc per tube. Does anybody have an amount/cc that works better for them Thanks in advance
  7. bikerbabe6

    fork oil height/cc

    pro-action revalved my bike which is a 2003 ktm 250sx and they recomend 375cc of 5 weight oil for my bike- is the 375cc of fork oil a combined total or is that 375cc per tube. Does anybody have an amount/cc that works better for them Thanks in advance
  8. bikerbabe6

    Jeff Emig

    out with shaheen and in with pingree
  9. bikerbabe6

    funnys for today

    Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand. Never tell your mom her diet's not working. Avoid fruits and nuts. You are what you eat A synonym is a word you use if you can't spell the other one.
  10. bikerbabe6

    The Goat and the Truck Series

    We all have butts also and you have to admit some are better than others, kinda like my opinion is better than yours
  11. bikerbabe6

    something funny for the day

    Thanks for the addition to the last one, hope your not speaking from experince
  12. Young men want to be faithful, and are not; old men want to be faithless, and cannot.” Having a male gynecologist is like going to an auto mechanic who doesn’t own a car Early birds gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level.
  13. Do you remember when Mike Brown won his 125 MX title in 2001? He was battling KTM rider Grant Langston at the time and the points were close all the way to the end. At one of the final rounds the KTM team manager gave team orders for all KTM riders to take out Mike Brown if given the chance. Steve Boniface actually sat out a round because he refused to follow those orders. They literally took the wheels off his bike. Follow me here. In 2005, Ivan Tedesco won the 250F MX championship but not before a strange debacle with Mike Alessi at the final round. That’s where Alessi almost blew Ivan out of his boots in a corner and then proceeded to stand on his bike so he couldn’t get going. Last weekend Kyle Chisholm pulled a move that was totally out of character for the once-thought-of-as-friendly Floridian. Regardless of what any press releases say, Kyle was rolling around the track and then jumped in right behind James as he went by, cutting Chad Reed off and forcing him to the outside of the track. Then he rocketed down the next section and almost punted Chad off the track. It was obvious what was going on. It was very obvious. The common denominator from all those seasons? Larry Brooks was the team manager for each of the offending riders. Maybe Kyle isn’t the one that deserves the fine
  14. bikerbabe6

    Stewart uses the race card on E-60 Bitter blacks continue

    Give the guy a break, so he played the race card. What's new, they all do Js7 is doing what comes normal. But give the guy some credit for at least being all black and not half honkey, and he knows who his daddy is .