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    There is a private mx track 10 minutes east of tahlequah. if you want the number, pm me, and if you ever want to ride let me know. i would love to ride sometime. i have never ridden gruber, but ill be out there sometime this summer when i get a break from school. i also usually ride alone, so it would be nice to have someone to ride with. havent ridden much mx, but i would like to. im pretty open to anything though.
  2. OkieMike

    Tulsa Riding Buddies

    hey man, i live in pryor which is about 30 minutes northeast of tulsa. i would love to ride sometime, i have only been riding about a year. i usually ride the GRDA/Kerr ORV, but i would love to ride gruber and appalachia bay, maybe some tracks. i usually ride alone, sometimes with my dad. i really dont know many people around here that ride though. anyways, if you ever wanna ride some weekend, pm me or something.
  3. OkieMike

    Any OK Riders?

    Thanks for the links man! I raced mtn. bikes at devil's den a few times. I would love to ride that on a dirt bike. Those tracks look so fun too! I have been by the one by the hospital many times, it looks pretty decent. Do you pay to go in or is it private? Oh, and I would love to ride sometime. My dad would most likely come, he is 46 and about the only other person I ride with. He raced MX seriously a few years ago, and we are just getting back into it.
  4. OkieMike

    Any OK Riders?

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/viewarea.php?t=790578 Here is a link. I actually found it and a lot of other riding areas under the "Where to Ride" tab up top. I think this riding area is about 500 acres. It isn't too bad, really rocky and nothing real challenging, but its fun. I ride here pretty often and try to keep some of the harder trails maintained. Some weekends it will be full of slow quad riders, but usually I have it all to myself.
  5. OkieMike


    i can't remember the last time i rode without my ipod. i like to ride to incubus, sublime, 311, rhcp, good rap, etc. i match up a playlist with my mood and it makes riding that much better. i bought some noise cancelling ear buds and when i have my ipod turned up to half way i can't even hear my bike at high rpms. i route the cables under my jersey and put my ipod in a pocket i made under the pad in my riding pants. the cables usually stay out of the way and my ipod has held up through a lot of riding and crashes.
  6. OkieMike

    Any OK Riders?

    I have never ridden Keystone but I hear its decent. I rode the 500 acre when I was younger and remember that being a really good place. Maybe when it warms up a little we could plan a ride! Have you ever ridden the Lake Hudson ORV by any chance? I met some guys from BA a few months ago that were on TT. I was on an '07 CRF250R if that was you. Yes, I heard both places are pretty good. Gruber is not too far for me, hopefully I can ride it this spring. Does anyone ever have any TT group rides?
  7. OkieMike

    Any OK Riders?

    Yeah, there are quite a few ORV areas. The Ozark Nat'l forest on the OK/AR border has some pretty decent trails. The Lake Hudson ORV is decent to ride, but there are a lot of drunk rednecks on utility quads that will slow you down on some weekends. There are quite a few good MX tracks around too. Ascot in Dora on the OK/AR border, and quite a few other good tracks in the area. I also heard Scipio and Gruber have good trails, but I haven't got the chance to ride them yet.
  8. OkieMike

    Oklahoma Any OK Riders?

    Just checkin in to see if there are any active Oklahomans on here. I just started riding about 9 months ago, mostly trails, but I would like to try some MX tracks too. I live in the NE (Pryor), near the Kerr/GRDA/Lake Hudson ORV. I mostly ride alone, so if anyone wants to ride or knows of any good places hit me up!