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  1. Yeah I got full build pics I'll make a video of the rebuild when I've finished and got it on the start line ✊
  2. My 1997 kx250 4 month rebuild and did everything myself. It had a broken swing arm, rear sub frame snapped, broken rebound rod in left fork, exausht held on with wire, intake side of piston snapped off, lower rod bearing gone, broken rear hub and much more......... can't wait to race it this season ✊
  3. Done that nothing available..... only a guy that makes the 91 - 95 valves........ and he knows how to charge.
  4. I am currently stuck looking to buy this part right now for my jeff emig replica build........ Are there any out there or am I just gonna have to draw them in cad and get a few punched out on the cnc for the masses?
  5. I think every kid had atleast 1 training session with the seat removed.......
  6. to put it in laymans terms...... you need the growl more than the bark on the mx track. Smooth is fast. it doesnt dull the power as much as you think it would..... if you want a hit just wack the throttle open. try one and see you can allways take it off if you dont like it. i liked mine i had on a 2011 yz250
  7. What does the spark plug look like? Also have you got a GYTR tuner you can plug into it to see if it gives you any fault messages? sounds like fuel pump or an electrical connection is loose.
  8. exactly...... would be a nice feature for yamaha to release next year. I can put up with it because the cost of a new ecu is just to much vs the gain. plus the tuning wouldnt be as easy to get right i recon with a Vortex or a GET.
  9. Does anyone know where i can buy a switch to change between maps on the fly for a 2015 yzf450. Was doing some testing today with the gytr power tuner and there were some maps that would be great for starts but not ideal to race a whole moto with as the bike was quite reactive and fatigued me quickly.
  10. 2015 yzf450 from stock white to race ready . Fmf factory 4.1 and Dr Trim Gripper Seat
  11. Agree with everything ping has said. Done about 5 hours on mine now this bike RIPS!
  12. Will do. Coming off riding a tuned 2011 yz250 2 stroke for the last 2 years and i have owned 2 2010 kxf450s