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  1. Alexxx your the man. Thats exactly what I needed. Thank you very much. And yes I did remove the flywheel and inspected couldnt find anything too out of the ordinary except one of the mounting screws being stripped...soon as i get to the bike I will double check the list and post an update. Thanks again thumpertalk
  2. thanks baglock i will buy a manual asap. thanks for the vid big red
  3. Can anyone tell me how to test for those voltages? How often do these stators go out? Since I have the new coil and cdi if I bought a new stator and wire loom then the whole elec system would be new and it would have to give spark right? I'm trying to get it going so I can ride with my crf450r is a lil too much to take her for rides at this point lol
  4. I bought a multimeter but unfortunately dont know how to use it to check the stator ive tried googling vids but i cant find anything to help me
  5. Anybody lol
  6. Hey there guys i jus got a 95 xr100r for cheap lastnite but its not getting fire. It came with one of those 20$ cdi and coil units from eBay and it still didnt fire so i put the stock ones back on. How can i tell if the stator is bad? Do i have to pull the flywheel to diagnose it? What else could be makin this ol boy not give me any spark?
  7. A great testament to the durability of a honda. What a great story and ending, very informative and thank you both Shawn the moderator you are a CRF genius, and you also Heavy D for the 9 year update makes me proud and happy to own my 07 450r. Any other posts/threads as good as this one around Shawn? This story made my night lol thank you guys again.
  8. hello guys, im new to this place, anyhow i jus bought a 1985 yz 250n in excellent condition besides the clutch... i need a push rod and an actuating arm, all i can find on ebay is parts for an 84 and 86 ... does any one know what years the 1985 yz 250n are compatible with... ????? :banghead: