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  1. a242volvo


    Does anyone know of any differences between a 1990 cr 250 cylinder and one from a 1986 cr250?
  2. I'm at my wits end trying to find a place in las vegas that can work on or replate nikasil cylinders. does anyone know of any place that does this in town? please help, i would not of bought this freaking bike had i knew how much of a p.i.t.a this bike was going to be.
  3. a242volvo

    1990 Cr250

  4. a242volvo

    1990 Cr250

    Another question. I must say i feel retarded asking this but, There is coolant and tan sludge under the crank assembly. I looked for a drain plug but all i found was a square nut under the gearbox, removed that and nothing came out. How do i drain the goo?
  5. a242volvo

    1990 Cr250

    the only thing i could make out on the piston or the rings are IN or 1N??
  6. a242volvo

    1990 Cr250

  7. a242volvo

    1990 Cr250

    thanks man. can someone verify? i used my caliper on the piston and its about 67mm. just bought this thing today, i can tell its going to join the other money pits. (82 xr500, 1994rt180, 1960 ford f100)
  8. a242volvo

    1990 Cr250

    I am trying to find bore and stroke information on this model. It needs a new top end and i am trying to see if the piston in the bike is already over sized. just bought her for $250 and im interested to have her running. I have never owned a 2t before, really exited to compare to my xr 500.
  9. a242volvo

    carb settings

    Does anyone have any advise on the mid rpm carb settings on a 82 xr500r? she runs good at low rpms but she spits at mid to full throttle. help!!!! i had to cement in the little pick up tube, and i replaced the needle because of the wear ring in the tip. still cant get her right.
  10. a242volvo

    1982 XL 500R front end swap :thumbsup:

    i have a 82 xr500. i can tell you that 86 cr250 front end bolts right up.
  11. a242volvo

    help with my xr500r

    I dont know man, I would replace your head and base gaskets. you will end up eroding the head with nice channels if you dont. (much more $expensive$ of a fix)
  12. a242volvo

    1985 Kawasaki klr 600

    ok, so yesterday i drove to lake havasu arizona, from las vegas to look at this klr and an old seca. I was told that the klr was missing a carb, so i figured ok i can do that. we get to the address the guy gives me and he has a motorcycle repair shop. he shows me a faint remembrance of what use to be a seca, buried behind his shop. then turns out not to be the bike that he told me he thought it was. next we drive back across town to his brothers house to look at the klr. we get there and the garage is so heavily packed with bikes i could barley move, and of coutse the one im interested in is in the middle of the cluster f*&$. finally get to the bike and its not just missing the carb, it was missing the rear brake setup, kick start, various elec connectors, seat, rear axle bolts, front axle, valve covers, etc. I was Sooo pissed. 350 miles for nothing.
  13. a242volvo

    1985 Kawasaki klr 600

    Thank you for the input fellas. I'm still up in the air going to atleast look at it. its only 200 bucks so we will see. i can keep you posted if anyone is interested?
  14. a242volvo

    1985 Kawasaki klr 600

    I was wondering if anyone here knew of these bikes and had any personal reviews. I ride a xr500r currently, im curious as if the klr will feel the same or possibly better - worse than the xr? And would anyone have a carb for this klr laying around or know where to get on on the cheaper side?
  15. a242volvo

    Xr500R: too loud for neighborhood

    my advise if you want quiet stay away from the cobra exhaust. I have a cobra muffler and it thumps or pops loudly at idle and ROARS higher in the rpm range. sorry just my 2 cents.